"" Lulu's Sandbar: November 2009
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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi all. Y'all. All y'all. Haven't seen you in a while. Well, actually, I've never really seen any of you, except in pictures. But I haven't read blogs or posted anything myself and uhhh.....I'm sorry. Sort of.

Because these are the reasons - Work and Illness. Cough Cough Coughity cough - can't shake it - had to get a chest X-ray - two types of inhalers - prescription cough medicine - type of illness. And it's a little scary due to all of the swine flu media attention. And work has really picked up, as I have some new global responsibilities, so that's good, right? Having work is good.

Unfortunately, I haven't done anything for me except work, cough, come home and watch Tivo.

So - I hope that everyone is doing well - I'm off to check you out, and then I need to get a christening gift and then I need to do some holiday stuff and then I need to order new rugs for my house......sighhhhh.

Or maybe I'll just click through Tivo for a while.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hack, Coughhhh...Hackity Coughcoughcough...

Yikes - I'm back, for just one very quick post - and of course, wonder grandson has H1N1 and we were all exposed to him on Halloween.....now I'm sick, and have to attend JUST ONE MORE MEETING for the Huge....and then I'll be baaaaaack!

I need to get caught up on all y'all, and then maybe I'll regale you with tales of my super work roadtrip - I've been home just 2 days since Oct. 16. With one suitcase!

See you soon -
Lulu (sniffs)