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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm off to Germany to celebrate St. Pat's Day

How's that for a theme party?

Only I'm not going to party but to work, so I'm not even sure that there will be green hats or wigs or leprechauns or shamrocks....but I'm sure there will be beer. Maybe even some green beer. Or red and black beer. And lederhosen. Yah Yah! Prost!

I'm ready, except for the final packing. I have to travel a lot so I'm pretty good at the packing thing by now after almost 2 million flight miles in 15 years, but this trip, I'm really trying to cut back a bit. It's still cold and snowy in Germany so I'm dragging winter clothes but trying to take lots of tanks/tees/layering things that pack easier than heavy sweaters.


300 pins into the Winter voodoo doll!!!

I hope that it's spring by the time I get back - 11 days from now! - and that you're all in your Easter bonnets....

BTW - the dress turned out FABYOUULUSSSSS!! I can only claim a consulting credit as my friend did all the work because I had to travel but hey - I finished the zipper! Photos to follow....just too tired tonight.

And because I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post from across the big pond, you should really follow The MarriedGeeks on their 3-4 month adventure in Beijing - so cool...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sew sew happy....

that I drank some really nice wine with my good friends last night and apparently, swept the whole girly side of their family away with my enthoooosiasm for creating and sewing. So now, today, on the first gorjuseeee day in a lifetime of winters, I am helping to sew a dress for a young lady to wear to an Oscar-themed party.

And I've never sewed with a pattern before.

Luckily, the party is actually next week.

I'm off to google "Learn to sew in 15 minutes.com"