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Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Mom Is Getting Shorter

So I picked Mom up on Friday for a week of Grandma Summer Camp here in NC.  And she's getting shorter, as if she wasn't already qualified to be the grandma on a TLC show.

Also, I have a new Travel Rule based on the six flights in three days that I completed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So much to post - pay attention!

First - Mom.  She'll be here allllllllll week.  Yep.  I get to spend 9 days with her, all 4'9" of her spunky, over 85-yr-old self (she won't let me publish her age :)).   Lots of stories to come, most of which I've heard.  And heard, and heard and did I tell you that already, Honey?

*CAVEAT to the Karma peeps:  I love my mom, I'm very extremely lucky that I still have her, and that she is in pretty good shape both physically and mentally - lives alone! - and really happy to have the opportunity for GSC.  So whatever I post about any 'fun' or 'issues' or 'humor' this week - just remember that, ok?  Don't send me posts trying to make me feel guilty that I intend to mine some humor here, right people?

Thanks.  Just in case you forget - I'll post a little acronym at times - ILMMIKS86GOMB.  ( I love my mom I know she's 86 get off my back).  Right.  Ok.  Back to the movie.

Anyway - she started out life at about 5'2" and I think she's down to about 4'9."  I have to go measure.   But she's napping on the couch, after we had a slight tiff about her nutritional habits.  Yes, I'm arguing with her about her eating - she only wants the "smallest, teeniest, little half-bowl of soup for lunch.  With a few crackers.  That's all, honey - I'm so full from breakfast."

Actually, she did have breakfast.  And a handful of crackers.  And some chocolate.  And a few cookies.  And some hummus.  And some more crackers.  And some pretzels stuffed with cheese product.  And another half cookie.  And one grape (because I bugged her to have fruit).

Washed down with some iced tea.

All of which raised her blood sugar quickly, and then caused her to fall asleep on the couch.  After which, she'll wake up, and we'll start the argument around dinner - because she'll only want the smallest, teeniest bite of meat, and two spoonfuls of maybe some applesauce.

But then she and Mr. Lulu will be snackin' away on the couch after dinner........

Why?  Why?  Other people have moms who start an entirely new business at age 75 and leave their kids a gozillion bucks.  Mine - is channeling a skinny teenager who thinks she's too fat but will eat junk food.  Didn't I already go through this with two daughters???  What's next - diet pills??  If she eats any less or loses any more weight this week, I'll be able to cash in that return plane ticket and have her sit on my lap.

Hmmm.....Mom, did I mention that those grapes have extra fat in them??


Deep breath in, hold it hold it.......annnnnnnd....let it out.  Wooooosaaaaaa.

So - a new travel rule.  Change of topic.

Again - the theme is Be Curious....

Mr. Traveler?  When you use the back of the airplane seat to leverage yourself in and out of your seat and then you lean on it sooo heavily, and let it go, be curious about the type of x-rays that will be needed to diagnose whiplash for the person sitting in that seat as their head boings around.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Giveaway Winners!!!

Hey there - all you wonderful fives and eights!!  

Time to give away free subscriptions to MORE Magazine!!

Guess what?  EVERYone who joined the giveaway fun wins!!  Six free subscriptions go out to Wendi, Diane, FlyingPinto, Insanity Kim, Little Ms Blogger and Sandi from LuckyThirteenandCounting because CraezieLady nominated her.

You all rock!  See my info?  Over there, on the right?  That's where you need to go - immediately - find my email address and send me your names and addresses so I can get your digits to the awesome Aziza, my More contact.

Woot!  OTT!  FAAAAAAAB yew lusssssss!!

Enjoy - Lu

Saturday, July 18, 2009

NC Triangle Street Etsy Team

Hey - I snagged an Etsy Treasury for my NC Triangle team - check it out!

For those of you not as familiar with Etsy - you need to sit, staring at your screen, hands hovering over your keyboard, for an opening in the list of Treasuries to clear.....trembling hands, waiting, waiting...YES!  There's the box, saying, "List your title here..,"  and I swear - I'm either too competitive or have had too much coffee (both far too likely) but I'm as excited as if I'd won the Tour de France.

Only without the physical, sweaty, mountain-climbing, dangerous political bike riding stuff.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Giveaway

Ummm.  Ok.  I'm going to assume that everyone is on vacation or just only blogging to themselves or just not READING!! 

Did I mention FREE?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more More MORE Giveaway!!!

Woo Hooooooooo!!!!  Niiiiiiiiiiiiice..SuWEET!.  Score, babee!!!  Booo YAH!

O.T.T. (clap) O.T.T. (clap) O.T.T. (clap) Optional Toe Touch!!

No, I didn't sell out the store, but I did score.  Well, you, my lovely fives and tens - you have scored.  Because the peeps over at More magazine  have given me the opportunity to give away 5 free subscriptions to the magazine.

And I know that it seems a bit strange that a blogster like me would push a paper reading thing to online friends...but they have a website too!

And really sometimes, you just need to tote the magazine along to have something cool to read while on the run.  Like, to the beach or on the plane or waiting in line for your kids to come out of school or instead of TV or while you're having a colonoscopy or waiting for your plastic surgery to dry or something.

Seriously, I am a bit of a magazine junky, but I do love this magazine.  I've read my way through many other women's magazines over the years, but this has some staying power, for women of all ages, but especially for the over 40 crew.  And of course, 40 is the new 30, so see - all ages.

Check it out - go here to cruise their website.  Or just take my word for it.

Either way, post up here, and let me know if you want a FREE subscription.  Or if you want it to go to someone else!  See what a giver I am?  Or they are or we are, or something.

That's all you have to do.  Just post a comment, and tell me you totally want it.  In a week (to be exact, next week on Tuesday, during AGT, I will pick out five names. let you know how to get your info to me and that's it.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Flirty Girls

Yup...time to plug the store a bit.  Mr. Lulu is threatening to blockade the crafty wagon train when it makes another delivery.  ( I still contend that the additional buttons last week were a NEED and not a WANT, but ok, yeah, the mortgage and insurance and payments and whatnot are important too, I suppose.)

So I need to sell a few of these little beauties once in a while to feed the crafty pig.

That's the piggy bank, right?  Not talking about Mr. Lulu. ;) 

Check me out in the etsy store - yup, over there, on the right.  Tell your friends and family!  Send them my way!  Always a family discount for my decksters and bloglackers.

I've just posted a slew of button art cards.  They are the size of a playing card, with paints, inks and pieces of sewing patterns.  There are vintage '60's images on the front of each card, along with buttons that are hand-sewn.  The back has fabric and more flirty, fashiony images.  

So yeah.  Please stop by.  Thank you for your patronage.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey B's - I'm back!

Yoiks.....it was a really really looooong week at the Huge HQ.  Mix a group of corporate employees with non-U.S. CEOs and CFOs and C-Schmoes with a slurp of mandatory training issues seasoned with cafeteria food, surrounded by early wake-up calls and late night dinners....it was NOT the beach.

And I didn't have the energy to get online at midnight and fight the IT barbed wires to throw some comments over the firewall....so I slacked.  Yes, Slacker be my name.

Or would it be Bloglacker?


And so much went on while I was gone!  It's like that scene in 'Pretty Woman'  when Kit is trying to tell Vivian why it took her so long to get over to the Beverly Hills Wiltshire hotel - you know, "Skinny Marie got cut up and we had to go see her in the hospital, and Jimmy got in a fight and someone tried to work my star on the Walk of Fame...."

Only in the blog world, You Mama won a cool giveaway, but also gave away some birth control gum, and AmyKate poked a hole in the pool but the garden's coming along, and Joanna's been hanging out with her BFF and omg - Libby's adopted a baby girl!!

So at least - they kept the blog world spinning.

I came home and some of MY BFFs were here, on their way further down the coast for a beach vacation next week.  MyfriendsJenGuyBeazerLou - yeah.  They rock.  The time together was short but sweet - have fun myfriends!

And last....to Facebook and Twitter or not to....to horribly misquote Shakespeare.  That is the question.  Discuss amongst the comments.

Of course, please check out Grandma Lee!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Summer Vacation!

....to everyone else.  whine whine even though I already had my thelmaandlouise trip with myfriendTeri and a week with wonder grandson....whine whine woe is me.

There's something about Independence Day that makes me want to be back in school again just so that I can be out of school for summer vacation.

Unfortunately, I have to travel all week for work, so I have to leave later today on a flight on a holiday weekend.  again with the whining.  

Oh well.  My good friends will be here at the end of the week for a short visit and I will wring every bit o' fun and goodness from them.

And I have AGT to look forward to, and that should help me through the week as well.  Please note this week's video - this girl's voice is incredible.  I defy you not to get a little goosebumply.

So also see the new more More MORE link on the roll over there to the right - hopefully it will spark some watercooler talk for you this week.  It concerns an article titled Women Aren’t Getting Their Fair Share of the Stimulus Package by Dr. Susan Love.  

Have a great week y'all!  Hopefully I can get to everyone's blog and post up a bit - depends on the connectivity in the hotel....