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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to wear when traveling through an ash cloud?

That's my Sunday dilemma - I'm traveling to Europe today for the week - not the UK, luckily - and I'm wondering....what does one pack, in the event that I get stuck for a while if the ash cloud grows again?

...and the answer is? Pack light, of course! If I get stuck in Europe, I'll have nothing to do but shop.

Well, there's that work stuff to do, actually, since one person won the Powerball lottery this week and it wasn't me. So I have to keep working for a while. Or forever. Whichever comes first.

Peace out - Lulu

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foiling the bird...it's ON!

Because he/she will not let up - so the house and I? We have our hats on.

Monday, April 19, 2010

NOW it's personal....

I have bird snot all over my front window.

I have bird beak streaks all over the snot.

I have bird poop all over my porch furniture.

Target practice anyone???

Also - just saw a headline note on msnbc.com that said, "Is reality tv voting rigged? Vote."

Obviously the headline writer is in an irony-free zone. Maybe he's also having a bird snot crisis.

And you all know how I feel about snotty phlegmmmmmmmmm....

HEY - I just read a whole bunch o'posts looking for a previous flemmmmy post to link to, and guess what? I'm kind of funny. Sometimes, even maybe a bit heelarious.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my posty mojo sometime around the fall and I haven't gotten it back yet. Did I cough it up during the Coughity Hackity time? Did the rash give me a fever and I just imagined that I was funny? Was it all of the parties?

Could I have used up all my funny thoughts?

No, couldn't be that.


And I couldn't find a funny bird picture.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Banged by a Bird

....is not at all pleasant! Chirp Chirp - Bam! Chirp Chirp - Bam!

And no, this is not a continuation of You-Mama's post about her kid....

We have a robin who has spent the past two weeks attacking our front window. Over and over. Flying at the window. Slamming his beak every time...

Which I wouldn't really care about - after all, it's a little like working in the corporate world so I get it, I get his anxiety - but it keeps pooping on the porch. And the porch furniture. And the porch cushions. And its beak leaves streaks on the window.

It's either trying to build a nest in our hanging ferns (something ELSE I hate) or it's all territorial about our window and thinks that there's another terrorist robin there, waiting to spring out at him. Or her. Or it's the same stupid bird that attacked our old house. In which case, moving hundreds of miles away didn't help.

If you're a bird watcher or bird watcher or bird stalker, stop reading here. Because I'm not, and I'm going to rant for the rest of this post on this theme.

Hey bird - If there's nest-building going on - stop it. Haven't you heard that the housing industry hasn't recovered yet? Go find a used nest somewhere.

If you're attacking the bird that's looking out at you from the window...aka YOU - also stop it. I'm getting really tired of the avian version of the Jets/Sharks, the Crips/Bloods, the Democrats/Republicans, Coke vs Pepsi, the Sopranos vs...well, all those other Mafia families.

In fact, go away, before I get the birdy version of Tony Soprano to give you itty-bitty cement shoes.

And it's ok, because you're not endangered.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's your Mantra?

I just finished reading the O, the magazine, and there is a feature listing young women to look for in the future - actresses, poets, designers, writers, etc. - and one of the questions asked of them is - "What's your mantra?"

Which I think is a very interesting question to ask of other bloggers. Because of course, we all have something, or lots of somethings, that we want to say, state, yell, debate, argue, sob, whimper, whine, dish or otherwise...well, blog about....to an audience. (which is an awkward sentence, but the whole mom-as-grammar-instructor-thing....I can't end a sentence with a preposition.) So there must be a phrase, a statement, a directive, drive or need that makes us want to blog.

I'm very verby/nouny today. Huh. Must have been saving it up while I haven't been posting.

Anyway...I have two mantras.

One is "I choose to be happy." I know, it's very goodygoody and all. But because I'm not chemically depressed, and my life is pretty good - I choose to be happy. Which is cool, because my MarriedGeeks blogger buddies gave me an award waaaaay back in March and I just found out because I was just able to get caught up on their posts - you really really should go there if you haven't yet, btw.

So, ummmmm.......sighhhhh. You'll have to go here on their blog to find my award! Because for some reason, I cannot get images from the web to post on my blog. Really Lulu? Yes, and it's irritating to me too! I can only get it to save as a web archive page and then when I try to get the picture uploaded or downloaded I get all confused and Alicey and fall down the rabbit internet hole only to emerge hours later, sweaty and $300 poorer because I found shoes and fondue pots and couches online.....and of course I've gained weight because I drank the potion. (Umm....Alice in Bloggerland? New Name? Probably taken....)

Believe it or not, it's a sunshiney award. Go on - be happy!

Number two mantra is for another day -
Peace out, chiclets -

Monday, April 5, 2010

So long, Indy.....

siggghhhhhhhhhh........Friday night, I escaped for an hour to the bookstore because I just had to have one hour of Lulutime. And now that my little guy has gone home, the house is so so so quiet...

When I dropped he and his mom at the airport, he held me tight, kissed me goodbye and said, "I'll miss you, Marian...."

He's a little lovebug.


Ok, he'll be back in the summer for almost two weeks of summer Camp Papalu. and we'll iChat in the meantime. But it's still quiet.

BTW - Go Duke!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggzackly, chicklets

Whew....it has been a whirlwind time, my threes and fives....when my flight landed after the trip to Germany (where, btw, I could not get through my company firewalls to use my computer to blog), Mr. Lulu had gone to pick up cutest grandson ever to visit for springbreak Camp Papalu and he is still here!

Loving it, but I forget what it is like to have a little poppet attached to my side 24/7. I have been Marian to his Indiana Jones, the kisses to his bumps, the Mace Windu to his General Grievous, the buyer of toys, the griller of cheese sandwiches, and cuddler supreme and I'm loving it....but Papa just whisked him off to the park for a lulubreak so I thought I would leave a Happy Easter / Happy Spring / Happy NCAA tournament time wish to you all!

Lots of new things to blog about coming up, including information about Misericordia Heart of Mercy in Chicago, which is the new residence of a family member so I'll be contributing funds from my etsy store.....

Yikes - the door just blew open and I heard a call for Lulu....see you soon!