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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Banged by a Bird

....is not at all pleasant! Chirp Chirp - Bam! Chirp Chirp - Bam!

And no, this is not a continuation of You-Mama's post about her kid....

We have a robin who has spent the past two weeks attacking our front window. Over and over. Flying at the window. Slamming his beak every time...

Which I wouldn't really care about - after all, it's a little like working in the corporate world so I get it, I get his anxiety - but it keeps pooping on the porch. And the porch furniture. And the porch cushions. And its beak leaves streaks on the window.

It's either trying to build a nest in our hanging ferns (something ELSE I hate) or it's all territorial about our window and thinks that there's another terrorist robin there, waiting to spring out at him. Or her. Or it's the same stupid bird that attacked our old house. In which case, moving hundreds of miles away didn't help.

If you're a bird watcher or bird watcher or bird stalker, stop reading here. Because I'm not, and I'm going to rant for the rest of this post on this theme.

Hey bird - If there's nest-building going on - stop it. Haven't you heard that the housing industry hasn't recovered yet? Go find a used nest somewhere.

If you're attacking the bird that's looking out at you from the window...aka YOU - also stop it. I'm getting really tired of the avian version of the Jets/Sharks, the Crips/Bloods, the Democrats/Republicans, Coke vs Pepsi, the Sopranos vs...well, all those other Mafia families.

In fact, go away, before I get the birdy version of Tony Soprano to give you itty-bitty cement shoes.

And it's ok, because you're not endangered.



Logical Libby said...

We have blue jays that dive bomb the cats. It's okay by me though; it keeps the cats in check.

FoN said...

I hate birds. Especially WOOD PECKERS outside my window at 5 am.

Go get a cat - that'll teach him.

w said...

once, i had a bird fly into our glass sliding door. it died. no lie.

we buried it.

and something dug it up.

it was like pet cemetery. i had to google the word "cemetery" because i could not - for the life of me - figure out how to spell it.

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