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Monday, November 22, 2010

Yay! Body Slam tomorrow...AKA, Airport Security

Yay! I get to go through airport security on the day before the biggest travel day of the year! Jumpy and clappy!

Actually, I'm fine with the body scan. And trust me - after having spent 16 years in the radiology business? I know that the TSAs do not care what I look like under my Spanx.

Just keeeeep moving, lady. That's it. Do the twirl. Get the backscatter. Be scanned. Keep moving. Next?

We all look alike to them on the monitor and nobody has time to think about how I could use a little o'Jillian.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mother of all Holidays

So....here we are. My sibs and I, about to experience the first holiday as true adults. As orphaned adults, that is...which is what I feel like tonight, after having spent the better part of two days unpacking my 'Mom and Dad house stuff'' plastic tubs and realizing over and over again, that both of my parents have passed on, crossed over, hit the penthouse, moved into a higher level of being....ok...I need to say it. They have died.

Ummmm....they're in a big sixties lounge in the sky.

See? Can't quite say it yet.


And I have to admit, when I cut away the bubble wrap on some of the stuff, I'm thinking...WTF? Because I packed up three of the tubs in August, when mom had been gone less than a month and I was a huge bundle of raw grieving nerves and had become a mom memory hoarder and every post it note / envelope / cocktail stirrer had meaning.

So I have some things here that - if she were here - my mom would be telling me to "Dump already!"

I so get the TLC hoarders right now.

Holiday stuff to come....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yummy Weekends

...are exactly like the one that I just spent in a major east coast city enjoying beautiful late fall weather and celebrating a big family occasion.

with juuuust enough family drama to provide juicy stories for other family members (*ahem..my sister) who will oh so satisfyingly exclaim "Oh my GAWWD!" and "are you KIDding me!!" and "shut UP!"

Love me some sistah dramafest.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hi...all y'all.

I'm not sure that I remember how to post! And I just realized that it has been four months since I posted anything...a very crazy four months.

We closed out mom's house this past weekend, and I no longer have a home anchor in my home town. Sure, I can absolutely stay with any of my siblings but it's not quite the same as being able to hang out at mom and dad's house. I mean, the first thing I did when I walked into the house was open the fridge and stand there staring at it, grumbling that there wasn't anything to eat.

I could do that to my siblings, but they all have kids to fill that void....sighhhhhhh.

I needed the break, and now I need to stalk - I mean stake out my territory all over again. Maybe I mean blogitory. Or terriblog. But then it would just be creepy and scary.

So, ummm, anyway.

I'm back!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


...well, not so good actually. But as Mom was a grammar goddess, she terrorized...ummmmm, I mean she influenced entire generations to use correct grammar, and this was a particular pet peeve....when someone asks how you are, you answer politely - I'm well, thank you.

Not, I'm good. Or I suck. She really hated that.

She diagrammed - no, not diaphragmed, she was not a greinacologist - she taught hundreds of kids how to diagram sentences.

And I have to admit that I still suck at it, Mom!

So that's good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How are you dooooin?

This is what I'm most often asked, after someone says that they're sorry for my mom's death. And I don't know quite how to answer that. Some days I can barely put one foot in front of the other, and other days I'm ok. I just didn't know that grief could be so palpable, and so physical....

On the other hand, I have some not-so-immediate relatives starting to circle a bit, letting me or my siblings know how much they did for my mom, and how many times they invited her over.....riiiiiiiight. Because then it's oh so casually asked - "so what are you doing with her house and her things?"

Day-ummm. I should be writing about my mom and about our sibling pinkyswear - day 10 and still holding - and instead, I'm writing about relative crap. Relatively speaking.

Seriously folks? Go ask Brother McStonewall, the sibling just above me in age, and the executor of mom's estate. Go ahead - ask him what's going on with mom's estate. What's that? You're afraid of him?

So that's good.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Mom

Ohh.....my friends.

I have been gone from life, from blogging, from work, for two weeks, because I have been with my mom and my family.

My mom suffered a heart attack and then some more attacks, and then - surrounded by family, she died on June 27. I could use the euphemism, passed away - which I have used lately, but really - it's ok to say that she died. And well, actually, she was with only my brother at the moment of her passing death, because we had to clear the room and leave just my brother with her to let her know that it was ok to go, because when the five of us (my siblings) and our spouses (making the ten of us) and my aunt and uncle (her only surviving sibling out of five - oh, the symmetry :)) making the twelve of us - well, when we were all in the room, she wouldn't go.

Because my mom loved a party. And gossip. And chat. She loved to be in the know and with it and frankly, she always wanted to be cool. In fact, we buried her with the new open-toe sandals she'd purchased just a month ago, the better to show off her hot pink pedicure in the afterlife.

And yes, I do have to pause to sob a bit as this is typed, even as I sound flippant. The best offense against crippling grief is a good humorous defense, right?

As I write this and most of my posts over the next few days / weeks, I hope you come to know my mom. Because she was ahead of her time AND because she was an English teacher who even now, is probably hating that I just started some sentences with 'because' and 'and.' And yet, she would be so proud that I have a blog and I'm writing. :)

She was in pain and had suffered heart damage that was unrecoverable, yet - she didn't want to leave, because we were chatting about our memories and she clearly was trying to hear us. So my brother took the hit for the family team and stayed to hold her hand and let her know that she could leave us for that great classroom in the beyond.

I have to say - I never really knew that grief could leave a physical hole in the center of one's self. I miss my dad......but the fact that I can never again call my mom and ask her about the potato salad recipe or the correct way to write a thank you note for a hideous gift, or the proper response to a daughter when she has an issue with a mean girlfriend at age 30 when really, we all thought that the mean girls club ended after 8th grade....I am wrecked with the physical and mental grief.

But my siblings and I - the legacy she left us - among many other gifts - was the ability to be tough. And we pinky swore to stick together, and today is day 7 of the pinkyswear.

So that's good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open Letter to my Bloggy Friends

...because it's all been so very secret and closed, before????.....

So you may have noticed that I've been persona non blogga lately. In fact, not one post for the last 19 days.

This new global job is kicking my butt (LOTS of travel), I'm trying to support my family long distance (Life-changing events for two of my siblings) and mostly, when I have some free time, I am either enjoying the very hot summer or crafting / painting / sewing creating. It's so different from corporate life and I find that I need to tune out of email/blogging and make stuff with my hands, other than typing my silly posts about birds.

(Oh, and the bird? Comes back while I'm out of town. Guess Mr. Lulu is not fierce enough.)

And I feel really guilty about it. Until today. I remembered that this is my blog and if I want to post every day or minute or hour I can, and if I want to take a break for other stuff, that's ok too.

So I think I'll have a little summer break.

I'll still lurk on all y'all's blogs and sometimes, I even have a chance to comment.

And I'll blog at least once a week, even if it is to post more of my work and to promote my etsy store. I still have lots of topics, and I might even be funny....if my mojo comes back.

But if you miss me, just imagine this - I'll be the girl with the very large mint vodka tonic and paint smears on my face, with the paint/fabric/paper stuff scattered around, hanging out on my porch and at our beach place....and I'll drink a little toast to you all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And don't forget that Dave Mathews is a prophet...

I forgot one of the most popular search terms. Apparently, Dave has another job, writing scripture...

anyway...I think. It might be....could be....possibly...potentially, perhaps.

the bird might be gone. What's that???

the bird might be gone.

I saiiiiiddddd....

The Bird is gooooooooonnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee!!!!

Yes, indeedy. Which is so much more true that just...indeed. INDEEDY.

We've gone almost 48 hours with no bird poop on the furniture, no beak marks on the window, no disarray of the flowers.

Apparently, bird / window mating season is over, and somewhere, little birdies with fragile, glassy wings and painted wood trim legs are being hatched. Somewhere - away from me.

Because we took the nest out of the fern too - Ha!

Bird 1 Lulu 2!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do YOU find Lulu's Sandbar?

Some words to find Lulu by......as evidenced by the search words used by my readers...aka, the unauthorized google analytics....

Lobster Bacon - this is a popular phrase. Sometimes it's bacon lobster. (Lulu - always salty, always delicious)

All the Single Ladies Dance - very popular for a while, I can always tell when there's been a televised item about some little kids dancing to Beyonce. ( Lulu, the Dancing Queen)

eTrade Baby - there's an uptick around the time of major sporting events (Dude, that's my Lulu!)

what to wear when traveling to Michigan in October - ummmmm. Yeah. I think this combines all of my posts. (Midwestern Lulu)

Lulu or Sandbar or Bar - well, obvious. I didn't realize how popular 'Lulu' is as a name for sites, and for bars, apparently. (Cocktails for Lulu!)

Oh - and I'm adding a new count to my posts.
Lulu Held Hostage - Day 58. Yes, the bird is still banging.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apparently, you CAN go home again....

....but only after 30 years. Well, ok, I've only been gone for 7 years, and I've been back back a lot; however, I always spend my visits with family, and rarely get the opportunity to see old friends.

This weekend was graduation partypalooza, with two nephew parties to attend. Added to that was a fundraiser / mini-reunion with about 50 high school classmates...yeah, my voice was left out of my carryon! Actually, there were about 25-30 former classmates with assorted spouses/friends/partners added on.... We were remembering a friend who passed away in November - he was my date for our Homecoming dance :-/ - and raising some funds for his wife and kids.

I had almost a visceral reaction as the plane landed - I was worried about family issues at the graduations and worried about not measuring up, somehow, at the reunion...

But it was good!

We are all a bit wrinkly, with various amounts of pounds, hair and baggage...but it was great to see everyone - no old crap brought up, just memories. No talk about careers, no trying to outdo each other, no judgment....just food and adult beverages and laughter.

Mom.....Mom is another story. For another post. For what I think will be a lot of posts, as we move into a world of making lifestyle adjustments to preserve her independence, but make sure that she's safe and cared for....sigh.

Life transitions. Maybe I'll change my blog title. But - I'll be swimming into a lot of unknowns soon and trying to find purchase on a a sandbar where the tides of life will be shifting.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have a wedding friend who is NOT graduating!

And that's good, because apparently, I need to get back to my bloggy friends, who I've neglected for so long. You can find her blog here, at Inspirational Laddu. It's a beautiful site...thanks Samm!

So. I also got a lot into that title. Much to catch up!

I'm back from my trip and guess who was here the entire time, to keep Mr. Lulu company? You got it - it's the kamikaze robin. I've had a suggestion to nail up rubber snakes from the window pane, to scare him away.

I know that I can only scare him away because he can't have any more poop to be scared out of him - it's all over my porch furniture.

So all of you Pleasantville neighbors who think my front porch is so so pretty, with all of my 11 pots of flowers and my two gorgeous hanging ferns?

Get ready for snakeyes.

And if that doesn't work, take the kiddies away for the day, because I'm taking out a hit on the bird.

Don't worry, Peta! I'm going to just pop his little feathered butt with an air gun.

Or stun gun.

Just kidding....right?

Also, is it graduation time for all y'all? I have three family high school graduation parties this year - couldn't all those sisters-in-law have planned a bit better and spaced them all out? Sheesh.

Of course, I do get props for flying in for the festivities, and the big events are all conveniently scheduled within one weekend. So I got that going for me.

And Joanna always has good stuff on her blog and she's ahead of me with her graduation post. She's asking about advice on a graduation card for her niece, and she got some solids from her bloggy friends, so I thought I'd post my graduation advice here as well.

Wear sunscreen.
Be relentlessly cheerful when you feel like crap.
French fries do TOO make you feel better when hungover.
Be curious.
When you're about to do something dangerous/scary/stupid - think about the look on your parents' faces when they read about it in the newpaper / on a bathroom wall / in Playboy.
Have enough fun to break lots of hearts.
Love enough to get your own heart broken.
Own your actions, your soul, your studies, your love, your body, your life - don't give your power away to anyone else.
Live your own life - all the others are taken.
A morning without coffee is like...sleep.

Oh the places you'll go! Read Dr. Seuss.

That's all I've got, but it's worked pretty well.

Oh - and for guys graduating?

Dude. You'll rock.

Peace out

It's almost time for summer vacation again - may have to post the travel rules soon.

So ummmm. Yeah. Just some thoughts. Friday mind farts, you might say.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning

...and although I'm traveling again (short trip, in the U.S.) I resolve to be relentlessly cheerful today.

So beware.

And please check out my etsy store! I have some cute new stuff there - go ahead and buy it and pretend that you made it and gift it to someone! I won't tell....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day

...to everyone who is a mom, who has a mom, who has been a mom in a previous life, who wants to be a mom, who hates being a mom but still does it well, who wishes their mom was alive this day, who struggles with mom (hang in there) and especially to all of those women - and men - who do the mom job so well, whether or not they have the official title.

You Rock!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to wear when traveling through an ash cloud?

That's my Sunday dilemma - I'm traveling to Europe today for the week - not the UK, luckily - and I'm wondering....what does one pack, in the event that I get stuck for a while if the ash cloud grows again?

...and the answer is? Pack light, of course! If I get stuck in Europe, I'll have nothing to do but shop.

Well, there's that work stuff to do, actually, since one person won the Powerball lottery this week and it wasn't me. So I have to keep working for a while. Or forever. Whichever comes first.

Peace out - Lulu

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foiling the bird...it's ON!

Because he/she will not let up - so the house and I? We have our hats on.

Monday, April 19, 2010

NOW it's personal....

I have bird snot all over my front window.

I have bird beak streaks all over the snot.

I have bird poop all over my porch furniture.

Target practice anyone???

Also - just saw a headline note on msnbc.com that said, "Is reality tv voting rigged? Vote."

Obviously the headline writer is in an irony-free zone. Maybe he's also having a bird snot crisis.

And you all know how I feel about snotty phlegmmmmmmmmm....

HEY - I just read a whole bunch o'posts looking for a previous flemmmmy post to link to, and guess what? I'm kind of funny. Sometimes, even maybe a bit heelarious.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my posty mojo sometime around the fall and I haven't gotten it back yet. Did I cough it up during the Coughity Hackity time? Did the rash give me a fever and I just imagined that I was funny? Was it all of the parties?

Could I have used up all my funny thoughts?

No, couldn't be that.


And I couldn't find a funny bird picture.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Banged by a Bird

....is not at all pleasant! Chirp Chirp - Bam! Chirp Chirp - Bam!

And no, this is not a continuation of You-Mama's post about her kid....

We have a robin who has spent the past two weeks attacking our front window. Over and over. Flying at the window. Slamming his beak every time...

Which I wouldn't really care about - after all, it's a little like working in the corporate world so I get it, I get his anxiety - but it keeps pooping on the porch. And the porch furniture. And the porch cushions. And its beak leaves streaks on the window.

It's either trying to build a nest in our hanging ferns (something ELSE I hate) or it's all territorial about our window and thinks that there's another terrorist robin there, waiting to spring out at him. Or her. Or it's the same stupid bird that attacked our old house. In which case, moving hundreds of miles away didn't help.

If you're a bird watcher or bird watcher or bird stalker, stop reading here. Because I'm not, and I'm going to rant for the rest of this post on this theme.

Hey bird - If there's nest-building going on - stop it. Haven't you heard that the housing industry hasn't recovered yet? Go find a used nest somewhere.

If you're attacking the bird that's looking out at you from the window...aka YOU - also stop it. I'm getting really tired of the avian version of the Jets/Sharks, the Crips/Bloods, the Democrats/Republicans, Coke vs Pepsi, the Sopranos vs...well, all those other Mafia families.

In fact, go away, before I get the birdy version of Tony Soprano to give you itty-bitty cement shoes.

And it's ok, because you're not endangered.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's your Mantra?

I just finished reading the O, the magazine, and there is a feature listing young women to look for in the future - actresses, poets, designers, writers, etc. - and one of the questions asked of them is - "What's your mantra?"

Which I think is a very interesting question to ask of other bloggers. Because of course, we all have something, or lots of somethings, that we want to say, state, yell, debate, argue, sob, whimper, whine, dish or otherwise...well, blog about....to an audience. (which is an awkward sentence, but the whole mom-as-grammar-instructor-thing....I can't end a sentence with a preposition.) So there must be a phrase, a statement, a directive, drive or need that makes us want to blog.

I'm very verby/nouny today. Huh. Must have been saving it up while I haven't been posting.

Anyway...I have two mantras.

One is "I choose to be happy." I know, it's very goodygoody and all. But because I'm not chemically depressed, and my life is pretty good - I choose to be happy. Which is cool, because my MarriedGeeks blogger buddies gave me an award waaaaay back in March and I just found out because I was just able to get caught up on their posts - you really really should go there if you haven't yet, btw.

So, ummmmm.......sighhhhh. You'll have to go here on their blog to find my award! Because for some reason, I cannot get images from the web to post on my blog. Really Lulu? Yes, and it's irritating to me too! I can only get it to save as a web archive page and then when I try to get the picture uploaded or downloaded I get all confused and Alicey and fall down the rabbit internet hole only to emerge hours later, sweaty and $300 poorer because I found shoes and fondue pots and couches online.....and of course I've gained weight because I drank the potion. (Umm....Alice in Bloggerland? New Name? Probably taken....)

Believe it or not, it's a sunshiney award. Go on - be happy!

Number two mantra is for another day -
Peace out, chiclets -

Monday, April 5, 2010

So long, Indy.....

siggghhhhhhhhhh........Friday night, I escaped for an hour to the bookstore because I just had to have one hour of Lulutime. And now that my little guy has gone home, the house is so so so quiet...

When I dropped he and his mom at the airport, he held me tight, kissed me goodbye and said, "I'll miss you, Marian...."

He's a little lovebug.


Ok, he'll be back in the summer for almost two weeks of summer Camp Papalu. and we'll iChat in the meantime. But it's still quiet.

BTW - Go Duke!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggzackly, chicklets

Whew....it has been a whirlwind time, my threes and fives....when my flight landed after the trip to Germany (where, btw, I could not get through my company firewalls to use my computer to blog), Mr. Lulu had gone to pick up cutest grandson ever to visit for springbreak Camp Papalu and he is still here!

Loving it, but I forget what it is like to have a little poppet attached to my side 24/7. I have been Marian to his Indiana Jones, the kisses to his bumps, the Mace Windu to his General Grievous, the buyer of toys, the griller of cheese sandwiches, and cuddler supreme and I'm loving it....but Papa just whisked him off to the park for a lulubreak so I thought I would leave a Happy Easter / Happy Spring / Happy NCAA tournament time wish to you all!

Lots of new things to blog about coming up, including information about Misericordia Heart of Mercy in Chicago, which is the new residence of a family member so I'll be contributing funds from my etsy store.....

Yikes - the door just blew open and I heard a call for Lulu....see you soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm off to Germany to celebrate St. Pat's Day

How's that for a theme party?

Only I'm not going to party but to work, so I'm not even sure that there will be green hats or wigs or leprechauns or shamrocks....but I'm sure there will be beer. Maybe even some green beer. Or red and black beer. And lederhosen. Yah Yah! Prost!

I'm ready, except for the final packing. I have to travel a lot so I'm pretty good at the packing thing by now after almost 2 million flight miles in 15 years, but this trip, I'm really trying to cut back a bit. It's still cold and snowy in Germany so I'm dragging winter clothes but trying to take lots of tanks/tees/layering things that pack easier than heavy sweaters.


300 pins into the Winter voodoo doll!!!

I hope that it's spring by the time I get back - 11 days from now! - and that you're all in your Easter bonnets....

BTW - the dress turned out FABYOUULUSSSSS!! I can only claim a consulting credit as my friend did all the work because I had to travel but hey - I finished the zipper! Photos to follow....just too tired tonight.

And because I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post from across the big pond, you should really follow The MarriedGeeks on their 3-4 month adventure in Beijing - so cool...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sew sew happy....

that I drank some really nice wine with my good friends last night and apparently, swept the whole girly side of their family away with my enthoooosiasm for creating and sewing. So now, today, on the first gorjuseeee day in a lifetime of winters, I am helping to sew a dress for a young lady to wear to an Oscar-themed party.

And I've never sewed with a pattern before.

Luckily, the party is actually next week.

I'm off to google "Learn to sew in 15 minutes.com"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

winter, winter, go away, come again....never

I am over winter. You too?

So maybe the voodoo creature will work.

Perhaps more pins.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You.Are.So BEEYOUUUUteefullll...to..MEEEE

See? Even when the Canadian National Anthem (or 'Theme Song' as I keep calling it - I love a theme as you know) is not in my head, everything I write or hear still comes out of my mouth in the same cadence.

But ANYway....

In my head when I read all your blogs? You're all young and thin and blonde or brunette or redheaded - whatever you want this week - with cute hair and perfect skin. Yeah, even the guys. You look guuuud. With a great pair of jeans.

Truly. With good singing voices too.

Being funny and good writers will do that to you I guess - make your inner glow all flashy and sparkly.

In my head, anyway.

Except for any bloggy Pleasantville housewives - some of their faces are probably all scroonched up about me because I missed another home salesy party bunco bingo bookity clubish thingy.

I can't help it - I've been working from 7 am to 7 pm lately, with lots of time spent in conference calls / meetings / project updates talkity talkity talking TALKINGGGGG. So I don't want to have to make more conversation with anyone, even if there is the draw of a lovely pinkish too-sweet wine and yummy dips and crackers.

Except with you beeyoooties.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So my roots keep showing up....

..well, yeah - the darkish, grayish hairline thing because I haven't gotten into the hair place..(salon? beauty place? shop? What do you call it? Discuss amongst yourselves...) - well, I haven't had my hairs did (as they say around these parts) for a bit and I'm due.

But that's not my point. Which I'll get to now, because again, it makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

My roots as in, my family! Yes, I had more family to visit last week from the snowy midwest, and more friends/family are coming in next weekend, and then super grandson visits in March and some MORE family from Mr. Lulu's side of the tree come in early April.....shwewwwww.....

So we had a great time, ate too much, no addies but lots of adult bevvies, we laughed and watched the Olympics and I put a song earworm on all of them....the Canadian national anthem has been stuck in my head since the opening ceremonies so I thought I'd better share. I'm bilingual after all - hey I speak Canadia, eh? - and we also have Canadian relatives, so I thought it was the right thing to do.

Ohhhh....CAAAANAdaaahhhh....glooooreeUS and FREEEEEEEE.....

Yeah, I won't quit my day job to hit the Idol circuit just yet.

AND I'm loyal to the U.S. still - I just appreciate the Canadians as well. No other two countries in the world have such a long border while also having such a good relationship. Yeah.

....we stand on GUAAARRRDD for THEEEEEEEE!!!

HEY - yes, I'm yelling, too much oatmeal and coffee, more on that later - did you notice that OTT is back? Over there, under OTT Adventures on the side...yeah, scroll down a bit...yeah, right there. I thought I'd lost him! But he turned up and he's all excited about the US. in the Olympics as well and there he is, standing on guard for MEEEEE....

Also, a new MORE magazine Reinvention topic - these are pieces written by real people. Our own Jo from The Fifty Factor had a piece published here not long ago, so please check it out.

Well, you have your homework, now get to it!

Happy Week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Mormon, Two Catholics and a Jew from Iran Walk into a Mexican bar....

....and that was just the LAST event of my mini vacation getaway to Vegas baby!

Yes, Mr. Lulu and I snuck away to the land of Big Hotels, Bigger Casinos and Biggest Boobs for four days last week. We had a great suite, ate at some wonderful places, saw two good shows and gave our money a ride around the various casinos before we just gave up and handed it to the dealer.

Raymundo the Dealer with the gold cap: "Do you want some chips for this last crumpled dollar? I could break off a piece of this here old Frontier chip from the '50's that got into our stack for ya -"

Lulu: "Naw, I'm sure this casino needs it more than me. Besides, I need to get back to my room to listen to more of the screaming argument that started at 3 am in the room next to us last night. I hope it's still loud, because I have a crease in my ear from pressing it up to the adjoining door so that I could hear the response to slurred statements such as, 'Look, I GAVE you the choice to do the NASTY mambo with your mumbleMUMble! I cain't hep it if you DISScide to jump the mumblemumble and twist the damn MUMBLEejumble with THOSE VERY FINGERSssss!!' "

You canNOT put a value on that kind of entertainment. Priceless.

Oh, and the event? Just simply a wonderful little golden nugget of a lunch with MFT who flew in to see us for lunch and then spend the weekend with her friend.....

We had sangria. Because it's healthy, what with the fruit and all.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Local Area Winter Wonderland Festivities Cancelled....Due to Snowstorm

def. 'Blog Title above' (see 'perfect example of irony')

Yes, here in the lovely Carolinas, we woke up this morning to 4-6 inches of sleet and snow. The meteorologists have been on TV round the clock, giving breathless reports of 1-10 inches of snow across the area! Please stay home! Local malls closed! Milk, bread, eggs and water sold out in local grocery stores! On to our traffic girl Tammi with a look on the traffic cam! Look, there's a car! Driving! Ooooooo....! Now on to local reporter Suzie with a ruler stuck in the snow and it's...omigod Tom, 2.5 inches!!!!

It's positively orgasmic for Tom and Tammi and Suzie at the local networks. And oh yeah - the winter wonderland festivities have been postponed until the spring. When the snow melts.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Creative Blog Title Today

Do you find yourself going through your day and your week, going about your life, working out, working, houseworking, reality TV-watching, eating, talking, child-caring, driving, texting, crafting, cell-phone talking, charity-giving, Haiti-pictures crying, laundrying, budgeting, bill-paying, arguing, making up, kissing, blogging, internet and youtube cruising, reading, etsying, and thinking - I should blog about this and that and the other and yeah - that.

And then during or after you get through all of that lifeing, you get a chance to sit down to blog, you forget the cool funny deckster stuff you were going to blog about...

Me too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Days on Sundays...

ummm...don't actually get me down. And yes, I know that I'm taking liberties with the actual song.

If you didn't understand that about the song, you're prolly not my age or around my age or just sort of near my age-ish, and that's ok but I'm not going to 'splain.

My decksters will know.

Whewwwww....so busy again! But I'm POSTing right? After all it is 2010, as I was reminded earlier :).

Went to visit my mom for her 87th birthday last weekend and she's pretty sparky and perky especially for her age so that gives me hope for my longevity. But she doesn't drink so I have to figure something out there....

My NewYear's weekend with MFT and other friends was funfilled, plumjammy-packed with hilarity and adult bevvies so I've needed to have a big rolling pin mashed down my middle to squeeze it all out so I can go back to work and be all corporatey.


There it is.

The early January details.

You're welcome.