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Sunday, February 21, 2010

So my roots keep showing up....

..well, yeah - the darkish, grayish hairline thing because I haven't gotten into the hair place..(salon? beauty place? shop? What do you call it? Discuss amongst yourselves...) - well, I haven't had my hairs did (as they say around these parts) for a bit and I'm due.

But that's not my point. Which I'll get to now, because again, it makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

My roots as in, my family! Yes, I had more family to visit last week from the snowy midwest, and more friends/family are coming in next weekend, and then super grandson visits in March and some MORE family from Mr. Lulu's side of the tree come in early April.....shwewwwww.....

So we had a great time, ate too much, no addies but lots of adult bevvies, we laughed and watched the Olympics and I put a song earworm on all of them....the Canadian national anthem has been stuck in my head since the opening ceremonies so I thought I'd better share. I'm bilingual after all - hey I speak Canadia, eh? - and we also have Canadian relatives, so I thought it was the right thing to do.

Ohhhh....CAAAANAdaaahhhh....glooooreeUS and FREEEEEEEE.....

Yeah, I won't quit my day job to hit the Idol circuit just yet.

AND I'm loyal to the U.S. still - I just appreciate the Canadians as well. No other two countries in the world have such a long border while also having such a good relationship. Yeah.

....we stand on GUAAARRRDD for THEEEEEEEE!!!

HEY - yes, I'm yelling, too much oatmeal and coffee, more on that later - did you notice that OTT is back? Over there, under OTT Adventures on the side...yeah, scroll down a bit...yeah, right there. I thought I'd lost him! But he turned up and he's all excited about the US. in the Olympics as well and there he is, standing on guard for MEEEEE....

Also, a new MORE magazine Reinvention topic - these are pieces written by real people. Our own Jo from The Fifty Factor had a piece published here not long ago, so please check it out.

Well, you have your homework, now get to it!

Happy Week!


w said...

i'm still having fun with my "more" subscription, thanks to you.

also. do you cook for your roots?

also. that picture. it's like she has a raccoon hair weave.

diane said...

I'm with w, thanks so much for making my More subscription possible!
I'm fascinated with that model's hair, it's so artfully done.
I love your little Canada infatuation. I could almost hear you singing, in my head. Stop making that face, it's not weird, you were the one who was singing after all.

Amber Dawn said...

For the most part, being surrounded by your roots is a good thing for the soul donchya know. eh?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey there Lulu, Great to hear from you. Sounds like you've been on the run but glad to hear you've had time to watch the Olympics-- They are pretty amazing.

Thanks for the shout out. You are very sweet and it's greatly appreciated.

That's a wild hair pic! I'd never have the nerve to do something like that :-)

Have a great week.