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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Local Area Winter Wonderland Festivities Cancelled....Due to Snowstorm

def. 'Blog Title above' (see 'perfect example of irony')

Yes, here in the lovely Carolinas, we woke up this morning to 4-6 inches of sleet and snow. The meteorologists have been on TV round the clock, giving breathless reports of 1-10 inches of snow across the area! Please stay home! Local malls closed! Milk, bread, eggs and water sold out in local grocery stores! On to our traffic girl Tammi with a look on the traffic cam! Look, there's a car! Driving! Ooooooo....! Now on to local reporter Suzie with a ruler stuck in the snow and it's...omigod Tom, 2.5 inches!!!!

It's positively orgasmic for Tom and Tammi and Suzie at the local networks. And oh yeah - the winter wonderland festivities have been postponed until the spring. When the snow melts.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Creative Blog Title Today

Do you find yourself going through your day and your week, going about your life, working out, working, houseworking, reality TV-watching, eating, talking, child-caring, driving, texting, crafting, cell-phone talking, charity-giving, Haiti-pictures crying, laundrying, budgeting, bill-paying, arguing, making up, kissing, blogging, internet and youtube cruising, reading, etsying, and thinking - I should blog about this and that and the other and yeah - that.

And then during or after you get through all of that lifeing, you get a chance to sit down to blog, you forget the cool funny deckster stuff you were going to blog about...

Me too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Days on Sundays...

ummm...don't actually get me down. And yes, I know that I'm taking liberties with the actual song.

If you didn't understand that about the song, you're prolly not my age or around my age or just sort of near my age-ish, and that's ok but I'm not going to 'splain.

My decksters will know.

Whewwwww....so busy again! But I'm POSTing right? After all it is 2010, as I was reminded earlier :).

Went to visit my mom for her 87th birthday last weekend and she's pretty sparky and perky especially for her age so that gives me hope for my longevity. But she doesn't drink so I have to figure something out there....

My NewYear's weekend with MFT and other friends was funfilled, plumjammy-packed with hilarity and adult bevvies so I've needed to have a big rolling pin mashed down my middle to squeeze it all out so I can go back to work and be all corporatey.


There it is.

The early January details.

You're welcome.