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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Days on Sundays...

ummm...don't actually get me down. And yes, I know that I'm taking liberties with the actual song.

If you didn't understand that about the song, you're prolly not my age or around my age or just sort of near my age-ish, and that's ok but I'm not going to 'splain.

My decksters will know.

Whewwwww....so busy again! But I'm POSTing right? After all it is 2010, as I was reminded earlier :).

Went to visit my mom for her 87th birthday last weekend and she's pretty sparky and perky especially for her age so that gives me hope for my longevity. But she doesn't drink so I have to figure something out there....

My NewYear's weekend with MFT and other friends was funfilled, plumjammy-packed with hilarity and adult bevvies so I've needed to have a big rolling pin mashed down my middle to squeeze it all out so I can go back to work and be all corporatey.


There it is.

The early January details.

You're welcome.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Happy sunday and happy belated birthday to your Mom. 87, huh? Wow! I think longevity runs in my family too! Yay for us!


w said...

funny it seems. i always wind up here with you.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Lulu! Great to see you again. Glad all's well.

Bless your Mom at age 87! Happy belated birthday.

Take care!

Insanitykim said...

Mmmmm, squishiness.

Hurray for sassy moms! And naps. Man, I need a nap on this rainy day.

diane said...

Hey babe,
I'm rummaging around for my rolling pin (I thought it was in this drawer somewhere). This is the best detox advice I've ever had.
Love you tons,
xo d

w said...

i just gave you an award. it's on my blog. go get it. wear it proudly.