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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cowboy Girls

So myfriendTeri (who's still on her flight here) always wanted to be a cowboygirl when she grew up. Not a cowgirl......a cowboy girl. She thought 'cowboy' was non-gender specific, like president or teacher or doctor or stripper or porn star or blogger. Whatev.

And I always wanted red cowboy boots - beautiful! Second only to the midcalf, white baton twirler boots with the tassle. Neither of which I ever got for Christmas......hence my grinchee attitude.

Anyway - what better sign that we were meant to be BFF?

So - while the theme - because we all know how I feel about party themes - for our NYE get-together is 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,' the subtheme is 'Suck it, Pleasantville Housewives - the Cowboy Girl Bitches will Ride tonight!!'*

*shouted many times while ingesting adult bevvies...talk about addies!!

MFT's birthday is tomorrow - more details to come!

Head CBGB Lulu

Happy New...whatever.

Yeah. Happy happy cheery boo yahhhhhhh!.

More to follow - myfriendTeri will be here tonight for a rockin' Eve!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holy Crapenzee....People are Nice to Me!!

I went to bed last night at the top of Grinch mountain, and woke up in freakin' Whoville!! And me...such a Grinchee! (But finally - a healthy Grinchee, thanks for the caring comments from my fives and tens...who are probably down to twos and twopointfives, but still - you're here for me and I really appreciate it.)

I'm not the best cheery, holidayish kind of gal. I'm mostly the stalking-through-the-mall-after-work-in-heels kind of non-christmassy doing the supermarket sweep slapping down the credit card grumbling churlish girl, and this year is no exception.

After traveling a full eight weeks from Oct. 17 - Dec. 11 for work....after going through the heels on two sets of black shoes.....after going through 14 pairs of tights and pantyhose (yes I still wear p.h., don't judge - my mind is 24 but my legs are...well...not..)....after unpacking and repacking in two countries, 13 states, 16 cities and just as many hotel rooms....after H1N1 and a respiratory infection....after planning and providing a 5-yr-old birthday party, an Oktoberfest fete, 5 national sales meetings, 2 international meetings and the holiday party for my entire staff at my house........I'm back, and trying to get caught up.

Without complaining, right karma gods? :)

And flat-out exhausted. And don't really want to be holiday girl. I want to be 20 pounds thinner (notice the travel handles under my red suit there ) spend the next 14 days basking in the sun somewhere - somewhere I don't have to pack! - reading books don't care where girl.

But noooooo... the holidays get here whether we want them to or not, and so there I was this morning, maneuvering through Target and Best Buy and Barnes and Noble...and darn it! People were being nice to each other - all "no, you first"ing, and "please, after you"ing, and cheerfully "excuse me"ing all over the place. I saw two people from a fender bender hug for goodness' sake. And all the smiling smiling smilingsmiling..sheesh!

Stop it people! Don't you know that we're in a recession and a war with no healthcare reform yet? Haven't you seen the news?? Can't you tell that we're supposed to be mindlessly buying up merchandise and overspending and overleveraging?? What's with all the nicey, retro, comfy food, watch your money, get to know your families and neighbors stuff?

What happened while I was breathing all that stuffy airplane air?

Please, someone - quick, say something snarky.
Confused in Carolina

PS - I missed you too, my friends - I'll be commenting like mad on all your bloggies soon!