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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beer hats and Dirndls and Spaetzle....EIN PROSIT!

I do love a theme. Give me a motif, some crafty supplies, food and bevvies, and I'm off!

Just ask my friends and the Pleasantville neighbors - our parties are starting to be popular...if not.....welllllll....maybe a touch legendary. Just a touch.

Cinco de Mayo two years in a row? They were standing around the kitchen island fighting over the mini burritos and the homemade salsa. The kids were in the garage using golf clubs to beat the heck out of the pinatas, after which we gave them a bucket of filled water balloons and a balloon launcher...The adults stayed so long and enjoyed the adult bevvies so much, we had to send two of them off to their own homes to fetch more tequila. Which didn't really matter in the end, because after THAT was gone, we started putting leftover alcohol into the blender with fruit and calling it a margarita. Which was really like a purple jesus party but that's a theme better off left in the '80's...

New Year's Eve? The black and white, flipflops/tuxedos party....again, standing around the kitchen island chowing, while we killed six bottles of champagne, wore plastic beer goggle glasses and topped off the night with a sappy, slurry version of "Stand by your Man" sung a capella by myfriendMK.

Memorial Day - fireworks in the backyard, pointed at the vampire neighbors (honest-to-god-dyin-if-I'm-lyin' - we never ever see any lights on in their house. So we think they're vampires. Only not the good young sexy kind - the older creepy kind. But aren't they all old.....really really old? Hmm...Digressing). Encouraging the kids to have a food fight with the melty s'mores cooked on the outdoor fire, which - combined with fireworks - made the firemen across the field 'take notice.' Hey - it's all fun until someone starts their little brother on fire....

The neighborhood block party? Everyone else brought a dish to pass...we rented the cotton candy machine and put all the kids into diabetic comas...

Yeah. I think they're all 'getting babysitters' and 'having to drop off the kids at the parents' and 'locking them in the house to keep them away from us and our sugar' for the next party....

So - I'm currently painting pumpkins in Oktoberfest colors, getting ready for our big shindig on Saturday!

Yup - decorated beer tent if it's nice, beer cellar if it rains.
We have beer, wine, spareribs and sauerkraut.
Bierrocks, spaetzle and hot German potato salad.
REAL bratwurst, shipped in from our favorite little butcher store in the midwest, where all of my German and Polish relatives live.
Lots of bacon to cook with and top with and wrap food with...and I ordered a new gallbladder with a side of fresh arteries for post-party....
Beads with Oktoberfest medallions, a giant fuzzy stuffed beer hat for Mr. Lulu and a tight dirndl t-shirt for me - couldn't quite bring myself to get the full serving girl outfit....did I mention beer?
OHHH and vintage German beer coasters - how deck is that?

Zicke zacke zicke zacke Hoi Hoi Hoi!!!

Your invitations are in the mail - regrets only.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Oktoberfest sounds wonderful! I wish I could party with you!

I'll check my Lotto numbers first thing in the morning and I'll let you know!


AmyK said...

I hope I am not double posting, but the whole page disappeared on me.

I lwould love to attend your theme parties. We are all invited aren't we? that little midwest town would not be Frankenmuth would it?

diane said...

Your parties sound like a total blast. What's a Purple Jesus party? We had a Blue Punk party once, but that's only because one of my son's friends drank too much and we had to walk him around half the night until he wasn't toxic anymore.
Did I ever tell you that I loooove beer. Wish I could come to your party, for real. I'll be there in spirit. xo

Joanna Jenkins said...

i want to be your neighbor! What a total blast you are. I love, love, love all your party ideas.

Have a fabulous time on Saturday. Wish I could be there to party!

Amber Dawn said...

OMG it sounds awesome. Im jealous that you have such cool neighbors....including the vampire ones.....nd I'm not just a little jealous. I'm a WHOLE LOT jealous. I must now go find somewhere else to live.
Hope you have LOTs of fun

Lulu said...

Oh maaaaaannnn....did your GPS not work??? We missed you all!