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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cleanup on Life Aisle Two

Life is messy and I love it that way - always so much better to be out-of-control busy...but still....

So - at work, I'm co-leading the planning and production of 5 national meetings for over 1500 employees at the Huge, all to take place between October 17 - November 7. And my team is going through some transitions as well - all good, but still requires much care and feeding. And I have to travel for work every week between now and November 7. Besides the meetings.

Livin' the dream. (requisite "I don't mind the travel, corporate work gods so don't think I'm whining okaaaay???!!)

At home, I'm throwing an Oktoberfest party for multiple friends, neighbors and generations in late September, doing all of the crafting (sewing pirate bean bags for tossin,' girl and boy pirate bandannas, painting buckets for pirate loot, etc...) for a special Pirate birthday party in early October, having the daughter of friends stay with us for another early October weekend and trying to keep up with the etsy store, my blog, two email accounts and of course, remote Mom.

My mosaic farookas is gone.....for now. (ominous music)
My hard-fought 5 lb loss....is not gone. (even more ominous music)
The fitness center is sending me overdue weight loss messages. (wa wa waaaaaaaaa)
I have stabbed myself fourteen times with the needle on my sewing machine. (laugh track)
My new worry from Dr. Google is that if my husband were to spring an Alzheimer's test on me I would not be able to name more than 5 four-legged animals (zebra always comes to mind...over and over. Can't remember farm animals) so I've got a new Nintendo DS and I'm working Brain Age and Professor Layton puzzles before I go to bed.
Hot flashes wake me up between 4 and 6 am like clockwork ( and everyone KNOWS that women need a solid eight hours...according to MORE magazine.)

Shwew. That's the update. That's all I've got. See you in aisle ten......like, in November some time!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

November? I'm crying over here! You need to update more than that!


Good luck with everything, Lulu! I'll miss you!



FoN said...

Quit stabbing yourself!

And, November...? That should be a long post, then. :)

diane said...

Jesus Lulu, you need to delegate some authority here. Don't ask me how, I'm buried too. But seriously, ask anyone involved to chip in if they want to share in the fun at the end.
That's all I got sweetie, but I love you tons. xo d

Joanna Jenkins said...

Phew honey! You are going 100 mph in 20 different directions! Hang in there and try to find some time for yourself.... and try a thimble :-)

Love you,

w said...

i'll see you earlier. for oktoberfest. i haven't received my invite yet... but i'm sure it's on its way.

also. please wrap everything in bacon. including the cupcakes.

Lulu said...

Wait - I'll miss you too!