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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You.Are.So BEEYOUUUUteefullll...to..MEEEE

See? Even when the Canadian National Anthem (or 'Theme Song' as I keep calling it - I love a theme as you know) is not in my head, everything I write or hear still comes out of my mouth in the same cadence.

But ANYway....

In my head when I read all your blogs? You're all young and thin and blonde or brunette or redheaded - whatever you want this week - with cute hair and perfect skin. Yeah, even the guys. You look guuuud. With a great pair of jeans.

Truly. With good singing voices too.

Being funny and good writers will do that to you I guess - make your inner glow all flashy and sparkly.

In my head, anyway.

Except for any bloggy Pleasantville housewives - some of their faces are probably all scroonched up about me because I missed another home salesy party bunco bingo bookity clubish thingy.

I can't help it - I've been working from 7 am to 7 pm lately, with lots of time spent in conference calls / meetings / project updates talkity talkity talking TALKINGGGGG. So I don't want to have to make more conversation with anyone, even if there is the draw of a lovely pinkish too-sweet wine and yummy dips and crackers.

Except with you beeyoooties.


w said...

are you talking about me? the whole beautiful in jeans things sounds like me. word.

diane said...

Lets pour the wine and cut the cheese!-Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
I don't know why a line from that movie came into my head, been with the baby a lot these days.
Looking good in tight jeans? You just keep talking, you smooth talker you.
Hope you get a break soon. Hugs. xo d

Logical Libby said...

I can also shoot rainbows out of my eyes.

Insanitykim said...

You described me right to the tee!

Except I have black hair.

It's dyed.

You will know this when you see the gray hairs sticking out around my hairline because I am really not sure I want to commit to the black dye again, though I probably will.

And I am sort of thin. Not thin like a pretty Canadian ice skater, but, I look ok in jeans.

And, my skin is terrible. But, just pretend I didn't say that...

You to me look just like your little avatar; always on point with great calves.

Hope you get a relaxing weekend!

My name is PJ. said...

"home salesy party bunco bingo bookity clubish thingy." -just that much and I know I like you!

Lulu said...

W - of course I'm talking about you..and diane and magical logical libby and IK as well.

Back at ya, PJ...