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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do YOU find Lulu's Sandbar?

Some words to find Lulu by......as evidenced by the search words used by my readers...aka, the unauthorized google analytics....

Lobster Bacon - this is a popular phrase. Sometimes it's bacon lobster. (Lulu - always salty, always delicious)

All the Single Ladies Dance - very popular for a while, I can always tell when there's been a televised item about some little kids dancing to Beyonce. ( Lulu, the Dancing Queen)

eTrade Baby - there's an uptick around the time of major sporting events (Dude, that's my Lulu!)

what to wear when traveling to Michigan in October - ummmmm. Yeah. I think this combines all of my posts. (Midwestern Lulu)

Lulu or Sandbar or Bar - well, obvious. I didn't realize how popular 'Lulu' is as a name for sites, and for bars, apparently. (Cocktails for Lulu!)

Oh - and I'm adding a new count to my posts.
Lulu Held Hostage - Day 58. Yes, the bird is still banging.


w said...

you know what this means? it means you don't blog enough about me. otherwise, "wendiwinn" would be a search word for your blog.

end subtle hint.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That damn bird ;-)

You get some crazy keyword searches Lulu. Lobster bacon?????

Hope you're having a nice long Memorial Day weekend.