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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi all. Y'all. All y'all. Haven't seen you in a while. Well, actually, I've never really seen any of you, except in pictures. But I haven't read blogs or posted anything myself and uhhh.....I'm sorry. Sort of.

Because these are the reasons - Work and Illness. Cough Cough Coughity cough - can't shake it - had to get a chest X-ray - two types of inhalers - prescription cough medicine - type of illness. And it's a little scary due to all of the swine flu media attention. And work has really picked up, as I have some new global responsibilities, so that's good, right? Having work is good.

Unfortunately, I haven't done anything for me except work, cough, come home and watch Tivo.

So - I hope that everyone is doing well - I'm off to check you out, and then I need to get a christening gift and then I need to do some holiday stuff and then I need to order new rugs for my house......sighhhhh.

Or maybe I'll just click through Tivo for a while.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey sweetie, Great to hear from you but so sorry you're sick. It's sure going around these days. so take care of yourself and don't over do it. Get some rest!

And, in case you're not online for a while-- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm thankful to have found great blog friends like you.


diane said...

I'm with everything Joanna said, especially the part about being thankful to have found great blog friends like you.
Rest is underestimated, get lots & lots of it. I've been drinking 40 drops of echinacea in warm water every night before bed, and my congestion is almost gone (had swine in Sept.).
Love and hugs, xo d

Insanitykim said...

Thanks for stopping by the Cool Table and offering a holla for us! :)

Man that cough is a bad one; Audge had it for two weeks and I was about to take her in when it finally stopped. Sorry yours was even worse!

Take it easy and have a great thanksgiving!!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I've missed you! Sorry to hear about your cough. I hope it clears up soon!
Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


w said...

drink some diet coke mixed in with yogurt. that should stop your cough. but it may induce vomiting. so.

feel better.

Alix said...

Mmmmwah! Big bold unafraid kisses from Casa Hice.

Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving such a hilarious comment on my blog. And for subscribing! Jeez, I've died and gone to blog heaven. And yes, Joanna is most definitely" the shit." Isn't it super cool how she kind of brings us all together and our blog circles keep expanding and expanding and expanding? I like that.

So, I'm here to return the favor... have subscribed to your Sandbar and will also add you to my Blogroll so I don't miss an update. Looking forward to getting better acquainted! And by the way... some day when you have time, click on the little video icon of me and my duck LuLu on my blog sidebar. And do a blog search for LuLu to read all about my experience falling in love with a duck. I like that you remind me of my LuLu. That's a very good thing!

Get well soon, chica!

Laura AKA The Apple Cobbler said...

Hope you feel better soon! It sucks, huh? I had swine and then strep right afterwards. Totally lovely, but thanks goodness for DVR. And comfortable pillows.

Take care! -Laura

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w said...

la la la la. that's part of a christmas song for you.

you get the other part when you update.

diane said...

Are you feeling any better, I'm starting to worry. xo