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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to wear when traveling through an ash cloud?

That's my Sunday dilemma - I'm traveling to Europe today for the week - not the UK, luckily - and I'm wondering....what does one pack, in the event that I get stuck for a while if the ash cloud grows again?

...and the answer is? Pack light, of course! If I get stuck in Europe, I'll have nothing to do but shop.

Well, there's that work stuff to do, actually, since one person won the Powerball lottery this week and it wasn't me. So I have to keep working for a while. Or forever. Whichever comes first.

Peace out - Lulu


She Said said...

I thought the same thing coming to China, but the problem is I can't find anything that fits me! Everyone is so tiny over here! GRRR...

Have fun! I can't wait to hear where you get to go!

Amber Dawn said...

I would suggest making a mask out of fabric softener and maybe carry a belt with Fabreze spray and a bottle of gas-x to give to the.....wait did you say asH cloud? Um....nevermind.