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Saturday, July 18, 2009

NC Triangle Street Etsy Team

Hey - I snagged an Etsy Treasury for my NC Triangle team - check it out!

For those of you not as familiar with Etsy - you need to sit, staring at your screen, hands hovering over your keyboard, for an opening in the list of Treasuries to clear.....trembling hands, waiting, waiting...YES!  There's the box, saying, "List your title here..,"  and I swear - I'm either too competitive or have had too much coffee (both far too likely) but I'm as excited as if I'd won the Tour de France.

Only without the physical, sweaty, mountain-climbing, dangerous political bike riding stuff.


Joanna Jenkins said...


I'm new to Etsy and have no idea how it works. I'll have to check it out more. Thanks for the reminder.

diane said...

I'm not sure if I understand what's happening with the Etsy pictures, although I did see your card in there, YEA!

The Flying Pinto said...

OMG...Yay for YOU!!! Does this mean the Hubby will let the crafty wagon train roll in? Your work is beautiful...keep it up!

diane said...

I tagged you today!