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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey B's - I'm back!

Yoiks.....it was a really really looooong week at the Huge HQ.  Mix a group of corporate employees with non-U.S. CEOs and CFOs and C-Schmoes with a slurp of mandatory training issues seasoned with cafeteria food, surrounded by early wake-up calls and late night dinners....it was NOT the beach.

And I didn't have the energy to get online at midnight and fight the IT barbed wires to throw some comments over the firewall....so I slacked.  Yes, Slacker be my name.

Or would it be Bloglacker?


And so much went on while I was gone!  It's like that scene in 'Pretty Woman'  when Kit is trying to tell Vivian why it took her so long to get over to the Beverly Hills Wiltshire hotel - you know, "Skinny Marie got cut up and we had to go see her in the hospital, and Jimmy got in a fight and someone tried to work my star on the Walk of Fame...."

Only in the blog world, You Mama won a cool giveaway, but also gave away some birth control gum, and AmyKate poked a hole in the pool but the garden's coming along, and Joanna's been hanging out with her BFF and omg - Libby's adopted a baby girl!!

So at least - they kept the blog world spinning.

I came home and some of MY BFFs were here, on their way further down the coast for a beach vacation next week.  MyfriendsJenGuyBeazerLou - yeah.  They rock.  The time together was short but sweet - have fun myfriends!

And last....to Facebook and Twitter or not to....to horribly misquote Shakespeare.  That is the question.  Discuss amongst the comments.

Of course, please check out Grandma Lee!


w said...

yes please. to twitter.


Joanna Jenkins said...

"Bloglacker" and "C-Schmoes" Lulu, you crack me up!

I loved that scene in Pretty Woman and have watched the flick about 100 times while on the treadmill. Yes, it's been busy around here (thanks for the shout out) and we missed you. Welcome back!

I'm interested in the Facebook and Twitter questions too. I have no idea what to do about them so thanks for asking.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

diane said...

I say no to Twitter, time is short enough.
I haven't seen Pretty Woman in ages, love that flick.
Glad you survived the corporate gang-bang. God, I'm so glad to be out of that scene now. More power to you.
Enjoy what's left of the week-end. xo

Insanity Kim said...

I too have returned, from the Last Frontier...older, wiser, and tired-er...

Trying to catch up on life. See ya at the cool table!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I don't "do" Facebook but I Twitter. I quit once because I couldn't get anything else done...(slight exaggeration!) I'm doing it again and I'm keeping it in perspective this time around.

So glad you're back!


Amy Kate said...

Welcome back, chick!!!!
Summer's been rough for bloggers. And, yes, for pools around these parts!! Though it is patched now, so we're okay. Except for the greenish tint to the water. YUK!!!

Lulu said...

w - how do I find you on twitter?

Jo - you're my schmoe :)

Di-Corporate scenes are....yes, what you said...

Kimmie- So happy that you're baaaack! I see you...

Momster!! I forgot to add that you got a tattoo....oh maannnnn....next post, I promise.

AmyKate - I want to live with you and the trips and kids and the parades and the pool....but not the rats.

w said...


you *so* will not regret the decision to join and follow me.

ps. that's also the line i'm going to use when i begin my climb to world domination.