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Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Giveaway

Ummm.  Ok.  I'm going to assume that everyone is on vacation or just only blogging to themselves or just not READING!! 

Did I mention FREE?


Joanna Jenkins said...

Is somebody having a party and didn't tell us? Where'd everyone go????
You had me at "free" and I still give my entry to Diane :-)

diane said...

First of all, Joanna, that is so sweet of you! Secondly, where the h*ll is everybody? This is so not deck. Maybe everybody's at the beach or something. Honestly Lulu, did some old gypsy lady put a weird "thou shalt not give anything away" curse on your blog? It's weird.

so i'm totally getting a copy, right?

diane said...

Hi again sweetie, I mentioned your blog on drollgirl's comment section today. Well, actually, I mentioned your blog concerning the cards you make. She did a post on break up cards, I wish you could make some. xo

Lulu said...

Breakup cards? Did someone mention breakup cards???? I'm ON IT!!!

Thanks for the tip!

As for the giveaway - I guess we all know who the FREE subscriptions are going to, right???


AmyK said...

I just found you blog and enjoyed it greatly. I, too, am orginally from Michigan and just did a whole blog on "Up North" so you would know what that means. I am also an avid reader. I look forward to following you more.

Lulu said...

So AmyK - welcome to Lulu's! Ummmm...did you see the post about the FREE FREE SUBSCRIPTION?? Not yelling, just firmly saying that you too, could get in on a free thing - or let me know the name of a friend who should receive it.

The Flying Pinto said...

Was I supposed to leave a comment here too? Left one on the original post; -) And, yes I was at the beach...and then work...oh, so busy: )