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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trying to Vacation

This is really really tough.  I was so looking forward to having two weeks off, and enjoying our grandson, and getting very creative.


I'm sooo tired!  There's no schedule like that of a 3-almost-4-year-old, and while this comes as NO SURPRISE to millions of moms, it's tough to get anything done!  My creative side is telling me to nap...

We have been enjoying the pool, and his swimming is getting better.  Trying to push him past the sandbar someday in ways big and small.

However, it's very disconcerting to watch the competition among the moms.  Not on behalf of their kids, but amongst themselves.  Maybe I'm just getting older (definitely!) but - it's so interesting to watch how most women will sit at the edges of the pool or in the water, splashing around with the kids....and then there are those moms with the killer abs...who stand in knee-deep water, no matter where the kids are playing.

Yeah, we see you.  You look great.  How about getting - oh, I don't know - underwater with your kids?!  Oh well.  Jealousy is such an ugly emotion.  :)

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