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Monday, November 22, 2010

Yay! Body Slam tomorrow...AKA, Airport Security

Yay! I get to go through airport security on the day before the biggest travel day of the year! Jumpy and clappy!

Actually, I'm fine with the body scan. And trust me - after having spent 16 years in the radiology business? I know that the TSAs do not care what I look like under my Spanx.

Just keeeeep moving, lady. That's it. Do the twirl. Get the backscatter. Be scanned. Keep moving. Next?

We all look alike to them on the monitor and nobody has time to think about how I could use a little o'Jillian.


Amber Dawn said...

seems like you could slip something comical under your garments though to entertain the scanner peoples. hmmm......nothing even remotely non xrated enters my mind. WHAT is wrong with me? Mehbe I've just seen too many movies. teehee.

diane said...

I love Amber's idea of clipping something comical on just for the scanner guys. Genius.
Have a safe trip honey. xo d

Joanna Jenkins said...

All the news coverage about the dreaded scanners and it seems as though all's gone smoothly so far. Phew.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
xo jj