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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't MAKE me get the winter voodoo doll out!

OK, I really can't complain. Well - I shouldn't complain. I actually CAN complain, and do, and do so in a really fine fashion, I must say.

So I shouldn't complain about winter. Other than the day after Christmas, when Mr. Lulu and I trudged to the store to get the requisite perishables in the 8 inches that fell that day, it hasn't been too bad here.

It was even over 70 both days this weekend. And we could really use some snow for the drought we're having....

It's just....grey and cold and wintery and icky. Everywhere! And I feel for all y'all with the snow again....yoiks.

So I'm getting the voodoo doll out again. Winter, take that. and that. and that!


R Montalban said...

I like your Voodoo doll

Joanna Jenkins said...

This winter definitely deserves a Voodoo Doll all it's own. Enough already, it's time for Spring.
Cheers, jj