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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Karma is hot and sweaty..

Damn. That's what I get for complaining about the weather. In the past four months we've had crippling tornadoes, a frickin' earthquake - on the east coast! - and hurricanes.

The local meteorologists are so excited, they're wriggling around like puppy dogs.

And me? Once again, I have proof that God is not a woman...because She NEVER would have given me flabby triceps when I most need to go sleeveless.


Amber D. Mcnabb said...

<-------afraid to go outside when it's windy lest my arm flab send me into direct flight.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Lulu, Good to see you again. I hear you about God and the forearms-- kinda pisses me off when I think about it ;-)

It's been blazing hot in So. California the past few months and I've spent a lot of time in Ohio complaining about the humidity-- Nasty.

Here's wishing things cool off, calm down and, um, firm up (magically).

xoxo jj