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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One Art Piece per day..

Wow.  A lot of people have attempted to create one piece of art per day.  In fact, a Google search on this topic turns up close to 4 million hits.

Apparently, other artists are trying to reduce their hoarded artsy stuff pile too!

For me, past attempts to create every day - just like diets and exercise and healthy eating and learning new words - start out very strong.  I am full of purpose and inspiration and gumption.

Unfortunately, by the end of the first week I am usually slumped in front of Pinterest...again.

Lately, my best attempts to create every day include me shutting one eye and viewing the toothpaste stain on my black top, to see if a picture of it can somehow be categorized as mixed media...

But - I am one canvas down - woot woot!  A tiny space has opened up in the art pile.

Here is a tiny piece of art for today - let's see how it does over there on the etsy Sandbar.


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