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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yup - blog title shamelessly 'benchmarked' from fashion headlines....apparently, color is back in for the spring, which means that I seriously have to work out now, because if I can't hide behind my black skinny jeans, big black oversized sweater and black-patterned scarf any more......yoiks. Need to lose some winter elbeeeees.

Or I could just find the skinny canvas cargo jeans with the big oversized brightly-colored summer-weight sweater and a fresh scarf!

Speaking of bright and colorful - run and scamper to a new blog on my run/scamper list - Laura Treavey and her Bright, Bold and Beautiful blog. She paints beautiful watercolors and also has this great site where you can't help but feel very motivated to bring pretty colors into your life.....which I could really use this year....Oy.

Also - the firepit launch was great - we broke a few bottles of vodka and wine to christen it, and broke out the wieneround, the s'more maker and the marshmallow tree.

Of course, I then had to use the new Lulu washer/dryer combo (story to come) to wash the smoke smell out of our clothes, and then had to wash the sheets and pillowcases because they picked up the smoke smell from our hair....sigghhhhhh....quite the production.

But hey - being outside and relaxing with some friends around the fire really made it feel as if we are finally starting to come out of the winter dulls....

And last for this sunny Sunday - one of my watercolors is featured in this etsy treasury from zuzus world - thanks for checking it out!

(huh. only two exclamation points. and here I thought I was waaaay too cheery...)


diane said...

That painting of yours is priced too low.
Can hardly wait for Spring, we got three inches of snow last night.

You don't have to be head to toe color to wear this season's trend. Try a pastel scarf with your black top & leggings. mwahhh! xo d

Lulu said...

Awwww.....thanks! I do love my black clothes, even though I love color...go figure.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Lulu, Your "Dreamy Drive" watercolor is beautiful and so is your new blog look. Nice job!

Since I'm sitting her in all black from head to toe I totally understand wishing for but dreading Spring and the bright colors it brings. So, I'm off to check out the new blog.

Have a great week, jj

She Said said...

What? Color? Spring? It's hard to think about when all I can see is the freezy white stuff everywhere I look. :/