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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OTT goes to a Birthday Party

So I took OTT with me to the snowy winterland for the holidays.  As you can see, he attended a very important event at Grandma's house.


Angie Kelly Designs said...

OK, first of all, LUUUUUV the new blog background/layout/header/all of it! FAB!

Next: Awwwww! Look at him! He looks so happy ~ Bless his little heart! I'm so glad he got to attend the party ~ Yay!!

Will we see more of his adventures?? I'm secretly dying to know what else he did. heh heh

Lulu said...

Thanks Angie! I am loving having some days off with NO responsibilities other than being creative - so nice when my friends notice.

And yes - you'll see much more of OTT - in fact, he may have his own featured spot on the sidebar! My husband is into it now as weel...:)