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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's To Us. Who's Like Us?

Damn Few!

BTdubs, that was my grandfather's favorite toast, according to Mom.  

Here's to all of the best blogsters and crafters and friends in the blogosphere - Cheers!

It's a beautiful day here, and I'm so enjoying having some extended time to myself to be creative, but still....I'm a bit blue.    Today is myfriendTeri's birthday, and I have been with her on this day for nine out of the last 10 years and while I'm sure her mom is happy to be with her today....still! It just feels wrong.  We have a group of friends called the New Year's Eve Sliders (sliding/stumbling into the new year together) and this is the first time in eight years that we will not be together in some far-flung location to celebrate.  

Ok, the locations haven't always been flung very far.  How does one flung a location?  Def: flung - simple past of fling. Fling: throw, abrupt moves, take a crack at it, whirl, splurge, spree, discard.  And apparently, there are approximately 16,000 Google sites that will help you answer the oft-asked question of "Who flung poo?"

But I digress.  (See what happens when I have more time and coffee?  If you were looking for something profound, this isn't the place.  Go read a serious blog on some flung website.)

So the locations haven't always been whirled, splurged or discarded that far - Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palo Alto, Calabash NC and a Bahamas cruise, among other sites.  But it's always been fun and I'm going to miss the Sliders this year. 

Here's to you, my friends, with hope that we will make up for this one night, many times over during 2009!


P.S. Check out the new OTT adventure on the sidebar - look for more to come, as Ott goes through 2009 with me.


Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sliders! Thats waaaay cool! Hee heee! Sounds like a great group of gals :) Don't be blue Lulu - hey I'm a poet and didn't know it...

So glad to see OTT in the sidebar at the Sandbar ~ don't stop me! I'm on a roll...

Have a wonderful New Years Lulu~ You're awesome :)

YourFriendTeri said...

I miss you, too - mom's lovin' it - but I miss you and my fellow "sliders" - TONS!!

Here's to us!! ;-)

PLO said...

Happy Nude Year Lulu! Here's to us! I will walk past the sandbar with you...lets go!