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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Appeasing the Job Fates


(I hope that was good enough...it's about all that I can muster on this rainy Sunday).

Why is it that no matter how old I get, the final day of Christmas vacation still makes me feel that I have yet to start that 15 page, single-spaced Honors English paper with footnotes (at the bottom of each page, not at the end in a cop-out footnote page) with at least 10 unique reference bibliographic sources, on Great Expectations: Miss Havisham - Bitter Old Maid or Early Reality TV Show Host?  And it's due at 9:05 am Monday morning.  And I've been putting it off since the end of October.

Vacation can't be over.
I still haven't listed any New Year's resolutions.  I haven't made any resolutions.  I haven't lost 10 pounds since Christmas Eve.  I haven't created 30 new items for my Etsy store - although I have started at least 15, gotta count for something.  I haven't created a personal budget for 2009, updated my resume, checked in on blackberry, caught up on 20 years of photo albums, organization and journals.  I haven't cleaned out the attic, taken a Pilates class or a spinning class.


(New OTT photo.  Please view.  Blurriness due to photographer, not because of many Pink Fuzzy Navels consumed by the little guy.)


Anonymous said...

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Angie Kelly Designs said...

You're so ding dang funny!!! I've had quite a New Year already with two funerals this past weekend. *Sigh* When I signed into blogland and saw your post - I laughed (really loud)! Thank you! I needed it :) Happy New Year to ya Lulu ♥ I look forward to OTT's adventures and also wish you a wonderful new year.
Huge Hugs,

Lulu said...

Ooohhh...tough weekend - my sympathies. Glad that I could cheer you up a bit :)

Amber Dawn said...

Well there you have it. Akhilesh says you can take a job in India.
Naughty little OTT. I thrink he's dunk.