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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who do I think I AM, anyway??!!

Have you ever had someone say that to you, oh so indignantly?  WHO do you think you ARE, ANYway???  Hmmmmm???!!  Just who do you think you ARE?!

And they say it with that hint of scorn and high-falutin' self-riteousness.....as IF!

 Well. Huh.  Let me THINK about it.  I'd like to THINK that I'm a kind, generous, smart, funny, strong woman who loves to read, likes to be productive, wants to be a best-selling author or famous artist, hopes to be a decent, loving, wicked cool family member and some days, just barely clings to the edge of insanity until someone pushes me into the abyss.

But I could be wrong.  Who do YOU think I am, Miss Smuggy Workout McPants with your clothes scattered all over the bench in the locker room at the gym? How DO you sniff quite so indignantly, as you gather up your underoos, shoes, makeup and is that a pack of flavored thongs falling out of your purse? to allow me an inch of space to perch my tired butt while I tie my shoes.

Apparently, you think that my membership card is somehow less than your card, and that your card entitles you to be rude while my card entitles me to wait until you are completely done with your grooming before I can enter your space.  Even though I'm not worthy.



Amber Dawn said...

That's it, I'm unhookin your leash an pushin the easy button...KICK KER ASS LU! KICK HER ASS! MTT.

Anonymous said...

Some people hold other membership cards to clubs we'd rather not join. Glad you're stayin' out of that one.

Miss Yvonne said...

Smuggy Workout McPants! Ha!!

What biotch. She probably buys those flavored thongs just to carry around in her purse and "accidentally" spill them for people to see so that they'll think she's wild and exciting.