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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is Just So Daily

One of my favorite lines.

And it fits because yikes!  I've been online all weekend and I've checked out all of my hip blogsters, but haven't written much myself.   Ok, anything.  All week.  I traveled for three days, and that usually blocks out a chunk of time, but I should still try to note up every day.  It's just that I'm trying to craft and reintroduce my Etsy store - more to follow - and work at the daily job and spruce up the house and and...ok, this is turning into a whineogram without any wine so I'll stop.

So - a few things for a rainy cold Sunday.

First - a new blog for the Run Scamper list - it's Little House on the Quarry and I've been following her for a while - it just occurred to me that she should be on the RS list so that you can follow her too.  

Next - I'm finally doing the healthy thing.  I've been talking a good game for a while, but the game's not as good as it could be so this is it - an actual resolution.  But it's a life resolution, not a New Year resolution.  I'm cutting out caffeine, diet soda, working on portion control and trying to work out five days a week.  I figure that talking about it here will help...so pile on with any thoughts or suggestions.  I'm tired of looking like the snowman twin in the Special K ad - without the puffy jacket.

I mean - I might never make the Single Girls Dance team, but I'd like to make it to the auditions.

Now - the Etsy store.  I'll have more to talk about in later posts, but I want to be better organized in my approach to my little Sandbar!  Most of the time I have 13 gozillion separate creative ideas or processes going on, and as I'm not in a place to creative full time, I want to find a way to channel the time that I do have available.  

The first organizational item is to approach my ideas as separate but integrated collections, with the inspiration for each collection to be apparent through the execution of my ideas.  My first inspiration is color - I LOVE color.  Color color color.  Bright pops of color, muted vintage color, colors of the sunset and sunrise, all shades of blues.   

I've added a new section to my side roll to show off my latest inspiration.

Have an OTT day! Oh, and check out how OTT is helping out with my crafting.


w said...

i read nothing about cutting out bacon. so it's all good. we cool. we cool.

Lulu said...

As IF!!!

Amy Kate said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! Love it!
Um...I went to a sleepover (family) last night, and there were 3 of us moms there, and all of us independently confessed to watching - and then getting irritated with - the housewives!! Hilarious! I told the moms to come check you out!