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Thursday, January 8, 2009

in the HOUSE!!!!

MyfriendTeri was here!  In my house!  From alllllll the way across the country, come to visit!  She had to work in my area, so we played hotel and she stayed here!  We didn't do a lot except talk and drink champagne but she did get me this very cool collage!  

Umm.  Yeah.  the exclamation points pretty much sum up what we're like when we're together - just like junior high.  

So I didn't have much time to post or craft this week but that's ok - my soul is satisfied from her visit.

My really great best girlfriend is like the butter to my peanut.  The tonic to my vodka.  The yin to my yang, the gabbana to my dolce, the body bag to my 'accident,' the bail to my arrest.  

You know - the total OTT!


w said...

can i visit next?

my only requirement is a private bathroom. and lots of food.

pretty low maintenance, right?

Angie Kelly Designs said...

OMG!! MyfriendTeri??? Yay for you! I can only imagine how giddy you are! Whoot!

I *LOVE* OTT at the airport! Just damn cute! lol

Lulu said...

Wendi- I have already laid in 2 Wilbur's worth of bacon for your visit. The private bathroom awaits. And a bedroom too.

Ang, I carry OTT around in my purse and have pulled him out numerous times to use my credit card. Fuzzy greatness.

YourFriendTeri said...

....and the sea salt to my chocolate caramels, the Thelma to my Louise, the strawberry to my shortcake, and the "yippy" to my "skippy"....