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Monday, November 17, 2008

I think the Pleasantville Housewives Hate Me

Ok, Hate is a strong word.  They're all very nice.   And they don't hate me.

But they don't get me, absolutely not.

Because I'm never around, for carpool and playdates and working out followed by lunch, and bunco and book club and hockey tournaments.  
Because the only kid that's lived here with us was 22 at the time.  
Because I'm not on the committee to plan the Halloween party and the neighborhood garage sale and the holiday progressive party and the Cinco de Mayo party. 
Because my husband retired young to follow my job but works at three different things to keep him busy and I'm the suit in the house and travel quite a bit for my company.  
Because I'm tough to classify when the women and men break into clusters at the neighborhood happy hours that we do manage to make, and the men won't talk business with me and the women won't talk school with M even though he's a teacher.

Because I'm just a big whiny baby who is way too full of myself and the thought that someone might not like me or might actually not be thinking of me every moment but maybe is worried about the interest-only mortgage on their house and so so soooo tired of being home with the kiddos while their husbands are working or out of town.

Hmmm....maybe they DO hate me.

A committee to plan Cinco de Mayo?  Really?  Can't I just put out tacos and guacamole and tequila and a blender like I have for the past three years?

But I digress.

I am truly happy for all moms/wives/women and whatever they choose to do, and I can talk kids/carpool/school/ChuckECheese/books/crafts/finance/housing crisis - whatever - with them.  Why is it tough to connect with me?  (Ok, other than the fact that when they're having wine at night at bunco or book club, I'm usually having a vodka tonic in the airport waiting on my delayed flight.)  But still.

Maybe I'm just lonely for girl talk but don't have the energy to put in the time on these friendships right now.



w said...

if you lived in my 'hood, we'd totally be friends. and we'd make up our own committee... like the shape your hedge into an animal or blob committee.

we'd be great friends.

just as long as you can cook for me. it's a requirement of all my friends.

Gretchen said...

Mmmm... Vodka tonics.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

They sound more like Stepford wives. Ugh. And what the hell is bunco? lol But hey...thats why you started your blog, right? You have US! heee heeee! :o)

Miss Yvonne said...

Yuck, those Bunco women annoy me. I'd rather have a vodka tonic with you any day than hang with those women.

I think I have the same problem in my neighborhood as you do. I refuse to join the HOA clubs....like the speed walking ladies. Speed walking? Seriously? You need a club to do that? I'd rather exercise alone, because then I can sweat and suffer in peace. And please please please don't call me and ask me to chair a committee...because I'll probably laugh inappropriately when you ask and then it will be all awkward and I'll get labeled "That lady who can't be bothered to help."

Lulu said...

Yay!! I am starting an Unpleasantville group. And our motto is - it works because we find ourselves endlessly amusing...

Margarita said...

Wow, these housewives don't sound like fun. Martini hour group sounds fine to me.
Just found your blog and love it :)