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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So a Scar is a Tattoo with a more Interesting Story?

...and I thought that title was so original, but apparently, much has been written on this very topic.   Including one site where people have listed their scars and stories in detail and many of them start with "This is so interesting," and end with something about a cat named BooBoo.

Not so interesting a story.  

CAVEAT:  I am not a cat lover or hater - I'm Switzerland when it comes to cats and this post is not about the relative value of cats as pets....I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

I worked in healthcare for 16 years, and most accidents are not caused by CSI-like interesting stories.  They're caused by mundane events - like tripping over the cat while running to answer the phone, or they're caused by anger or passion - like shootings and stabbings, or they're caused by stupidity, like holding a lemon in your hand to cut it instead of steadying it on the cutting board and hitting a little artery in your finger and having to cut in line ahead of the runny noses at the urgent care center and when someone protests, taking the towel off your hand to show off the little pumper.

(Ummm...I couldn't help it - that mom had obviously been sitting there blowing Junior's nose for some time and she was about to give me a REAL injury - or so she said - if I cut in line...)

My point for this post has totally wandered.  

Oh yeah - scars.  New poll (French Kiss totally rocked the last poll).

Are scars more interesting than tattoos?  I'm talking external scars - internal scars are off the table, post-wise.

Let's discuss.


w said...

hahah. you crack me up. cracks are interesting...

Miss Yvonne said...

Hmmm, I don't have any tattoos but I do have a few scars. So I'm gonna say scars are way more interesting.

I have two cats and not even one of my scars is from tripping over them. I do have one scar that is pretty much awesome. I slammed my finger in an old freezer and it ripped a big hole down to the fat and I never got stitches so now I have this weird bumpy scar on my finger.

Good stuff.

Amber Dawn said...

hhmmm..Im gonna have to say no. scars do tell a story but they are something we get on accident and would really rather not have if it could be avoided. Tattoos on the other hand, for the most part, are something we do on purpose, in remembrance or a celebration of sorts with a reason and a story that is more easily shared. (hooked on LA Ink-can you tell?LOL)