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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Reality Shows are dueling tonight

The leftover hour from 'Biggest Loser' is on tonight, as is the 'Top Chef' finale.  Hmmmm.....weight loss vs gourmet food.  Fat-free vs Butter.  Low-cal vs Bacon.  Steamed vs Fried.

I'm so conflicted.   I want to run in place while watching one show, and throw some olive oil and fat into the frying pan while watching the other.

Prolly, the best compromise is to run to the kitchen for more wine, then step lunge to the couch, then hop to bed, all while carrying the remote controller (the troller, as my grandson calls it, very appropriate, I love to troll the channels) and balancing my wine by tightening my core.....yes.  The perfect balance.

Brown chicka brown COWWWWW, shankapottamus!

1 comment:

Miss Yvonne said...

Butter, bacon and fried always wins that war in my house.