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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WhaT??? Wednesday???

How can it be Wednesday?  I mean, yes, I already saw Amazing Race (TAR, best ever), and then I watched The Bachelor (because one of the 'ettes is from my hometown and I actually know her family), and then I watched Biggest Loser.....oh.  Yeah.  That brings me to Wednesday.  Top Chef night.

Sighhhh.  I've officially become defined by my TV habits.  I feel like a golden oldie, getting my little scoop of ice cream ready for my after dinner reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, my tissue box and my crocheting by my side.  

Not really.  

I don't eat ice cream much. :)

But good lord, M and I went out for dinner last weekend with some older golf buddies and their wives, and there was actually a 10 minute discussion whereby two of the couples were regaling each other with their favorite reruns of CSI and Two and a Half Men and Law and Order (how LaO reruns must there BE out there, anyway - about a gozillion, I think).

And I was feeling a little self-righteous, almost a bit Miss Smuggyish, about the conversation in a "I'm so happenin' with my bad pop culture self, yo" until I realized that I give my employees a reality show review every DAY.  Details about the participants, thoughts about the challenges, tirades against the beyatches in the group.  

They do listen and appreciate it though!  I think.   Except....well.  I did notice that more of them are having to 'eat at their desk,' and needing to 'run out to do an errand' and having to 'get caught up with the janitor' and scheduling appointments to 'get the bamboo sticks inserted under their fingernails' lately.

Maybe I should send a daily email to keep them updated!  Ohhhhh.....they'll be so happy.


Miss Yvonne said...

We schedule our lives around our tv shows. Thank goodness for our dvr, or we'd never leave the house after 6pm. It's pathetic and totally awesome all at once.

Lulu said...

So if the roommates just get to be too much, you, CC and the kiddo have a home here with us any day...

Flor Larios Art said...

This is my first time on your blog...I love your collages...they are full of life and wonderful mix of colors! I found your blog thru Etsy...

ps. Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you there!