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Sunday, February 15, 2009


As you know, I'm not a big fan of the V-Day - as opposed to the vajayjay - but while I was zipping around the local card store randomly throwing cards into my purse - I paid for them! - I came across my new favorite birthday card.  Thank you, Hallmark Shoebox!

Because I deleted my twitter gadget for lack of use, I'm going to just lulu-stream this post...

Quite possibly the best reality show around returns tonight - The Amazing Race.  And my fives and sevens of readers know that I will break into a Woooo Hoooo!!! and OTTs abound!!  when this is on.  So shush shush like a mouse during the show, ok?

WHY do I watch the Food Network on the weekends when I'm trying to lose weight?  It's just like biting into a pound of butter.....I gained 5 elbees watching the Ultimate Recipe Showdown tonight.  Seriously!  I only had a lettuce leaf for dinner.

I'm obsessed with buttons and ribbons and material and paint.  Yet - I still have at least 15 unfinished projects scattered about 'the studio.'  I need a closer.  A project closer.   

I have now just edited this post four times.  I can't even close out my own blog!


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Miss Yvonne said...

My sister asks me every year when a new season of Amazing Race comes on if I will try out with her. Ummmm, no. I'm a whiner and not a good traveler. Why she thinks I'd be good at AR, I have no idea