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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are we Deck?

Definition:  One who possesses tastes, social attitudes and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool"; a Hipster would instead say "deck.")  source - The Hipster Handbook

Because Diane asked for the definition of a hipster table in her comment and because I immediately went to her blog looking for more potential outsourcers and because her blog now qualifies her for the cool table (remember...over there.  on the right.  that's it) I looked for an official definition of a hipster table.

My definition of the cool table or the hipster table goes back to high school, when the cool kids sat at the cool table in the cafeteria.  And we didn't actually identify it as the cool table - everyone just knew.  No one at that table identified themselves as cool either - because to do so was uncool - and if the non-cool sat there, they were politely tolerated (natch.  It was Catholic school).  If you tried to do what the cool kids were doing or saying though, it became uncool.  

Because - as we all know - trying to be cool automatically makes you not.  Cool. Or deck.

So now, the dilemma.  If you qualify yourself as deck, can you really be deck?  And if deck is mainstream does it then become non-deck?  Because if it has to be defined in a book, then can it be deck?

And - most important - if I say that I'm not trying to be deck, then am I automatically deck for going against the mainstream of being deck?

I say yes!  To being so anti-deck that you are deck! So - all you hipsters at my cool table blog, you rock the deck.  Or something.

I'm going to go lie down now, until all of this caffeine wears off or until more basketball madness starts.  Before someone decks me to get me to shut up. 

BTW - I won a giveaway on Liz's blog for her blogaversary - deck!


diane said...

Our "deck" table was where we all sat around and played poker, usually at detention, so it's very appropo.
Congrats on the "Gilded Lily", it's really pretty.
Thanks for the shout out, I'm beyond flattered. xo

w said...

i'm so cool that deck is uncool.

Amy Kate said...

Deck?! Damn, I'm way out of the loop. Not surprising. See, I have this paranoia that when a new term like "deck" comes out, it is someone's cruel joke to get me to use a non-existent term so I look like a loser. Mind you, I don't think anyone has ever actually done that to me, but I have a healthy fear of being the butt of practical jokes like this. Is that weird?
Undeckily yours,

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'm officially old... and so not cool anymore, since I'd never heard the term deck before!

Chocolate and Steel said...

whaaa? I've never heard the word deck like that before. So either I'm so uncool, or really damn cool (deck).