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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogless Travel Week

So I'm sneaking in a post while I'm supposed to be printing my travel documents for a week-long trip and paying some bills.  I'll be gone until Monday, March 30th and while I'll have my work laptop with me, I may not be able to post anything here or make comments on your fabulous hipster blogs - something about 'corporate policy' and 'company IT security' and 'keeping your job' - whatever.  A bit non-deck, if you ask me.

I'm taking my own Look Book with me to capture my new creative ideas and blog thoughts, and I'll be reading and planning while gone.  A fabulous giveaway is coming to this space soon and here's a hint to get a jump on the competition - check out my etsy store AND gather your friends to get them to peek at the blog and the store.  It will be a very simple giveaway, but there is a tiny bit of homework involved.   

So don't forget about me - I'll be back!

Also, I've joined the NC Triangle Etsy team and I'm looking forward to being part of this great group - check us out in etsy - simply put nctriangle into the search area.  Very deckish!

Have a great week, in the event that I'm 'blocked from inappropriate sites!'


diane said...

I have no love of "corporate", as we have a very unhealthy past together; which included lots of pressure to bring clients into my home, and nightmares about being at work in my pajamas. Not good. Now I have a little job where I make crap money, but I am very happy. I've downsized, which happens to be trendy, so I'm cool with that. Good luck with your job this week, don't let them have the upper hand. xo

PLO said...

Hey sweetie, thank you for your sweetness on Yo Mamma's blog. xo

Drizzle Kid said...

What a weird policy of that company. I can understand that they don't want you going into certain websites, once how can be viewed as offensive and might want to keep track of what sites you visit. But I don't get why they should shut down all websites not related to work.
Maybe that because I'm writing this sitting at my desk in my office.

w said...

stop calling me inappropriate! deck is out. it's not balcony. like.

whoa. check out that guy. he is so balcony.

Amber Dawn said...

Aw man that bites. I cant even log into my blog from work. It is SO non deck. But I will be spending the next week and a half of my resignation pulling up any and every inapropriate website I can think of cause DUDE who cares? I got me a new job! woohoo!