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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's TV, people!

Ok - confession time from the queen of reality TV.  I actually know the family of one of the lovely lady contestants on a certain Monday night reality show that may have had its finale last night.  So some of my colleagues are mad at me today for the outcome and keep making snippy remarks about the moral nature of someone who would propose on TV and then take it back.

Look, peeps....I may like to watch the shows but I don't write/produce/film them, 'ight?  It's scripted and it's cheesy and it's the best example of an oxymoron that we have, get it?  Reality TV...get it?  Ok.

Sheesh.  Now that we have THAT settled, I'm posting my picture as tagged by Amber

This is the sixth picture....that I took yesterday morning from my studio window.  I've been documenting the view from this window for about 8 months now, and I'm hoping to do a creative mixed media adventure something with all of these pictures.  I love the stark view of the icy blues and whites against the sky.  

So now, Angie and Amy Kate - you're tagged.  Pick the sixth photo out of your sixth photo file and blog about it.  Or pick a random photo that you like.  Or pick a friend.  Or pick your nose.  (Ok, not really on that last one.)


Miss Yvonne said...

I don't know any reality show stars. But there was a guy from my hometown that was on The Price Is Right and he was kind of like a celebrity for a few weeks, and I'm pretty sure I saw one of my husband's redneck relatives on COPS a couple weeks ago.

Do either of those count?

Lulu said...

Of course they count....and you get extra credit for the redneck relative!

w said...

never watched the show. but. i know what happened. and i laughed when my friend told me. because. dude. television dumpage is the best.

Amber Dawn said...

I went to school with Josh Johnson of "Design Star". Your know, "Sparkle Josh". We were in Chorus together and my Grandmother had a major crush on him. LOL if she could see him now. He is still amazingly talented, amazingly good looking, and has an amazingly naked chest every time I see him. He is also amazingly gay. But Sparkly! And speaking of sparkle, this picture is wonderful! Oh how I want snow! And I would LOVE to see your progressive photos of this view.