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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lulu's Baaaaack!!!


I'm back, all you deckster hippy blogsters and twitters :)!

After utilizing every current form of transportation known to mankind - except for a rickshaw and a glider - I'm home after 8 days of living out of a suitcase.

Planes, rental cars, trains, subways, taxis, a ferry, a bus and my own legs - walking ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE no less - all moved me about in various cities and states and locations.  I worked, I met, I conferenced, I ate, I drank adult bevvies, I had addies, I shopped, I walked and rode and drove and flew.

But no blogging.  I could see all y'all, but couldn't comment or post to my own blog - sooooo very frustrating!  The IT department at Huge McNormous is gooood.  And I'm not complaining really - I'm glad that they're protecting me from viruses and evil spammers and the potential that someone will steal my computer and download porn (really.  that's one of their biggest fears.)  - it's just that I feel really far behind, and need to get caught up out there in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, I won't have a lot of time this week, as I'm hosting my entire staff at my home tomorrow night for a department dinner so I'm cleaning and polishing and dusting.  At least all the places that someone is likely to see......my husband thinks I should just clean the kitchen and the bathroom because those are the only places that people hang out during dinner.  But I'LL know that it's dusty in the corners of the upstairs bedroom and it will bug me.

Also, in-laws coming at the end of the week for a week - cleaning needs ramped up even more.

But I'm back!  I'm coming to comment on your blogs!  Please give me a shout-out to let me know that you're still with me!!!


Miss Yvonne said...

Yea you're back! I kind of wish my company would block me from blogging...a "save me from myself" kind of thing.

diane said...

Dept. dinner advice:
Hide all of your good jewelry and soaps.
Dress to the nines, it's better to be overdressed and fabulous, than to be shown up by the only dumb blonde on the team.
Only leave out how much alcohol you are o.k. with being consumed, hide the rest.
Pretend your house is the office when you clean, you'll know what to leave for "inlaw" cleaning.
Take some pictures, and post the one where everyone looks terrible, but you.
Glad to have you back. We expect a full report. xo

Amber Dawn said...

Oh Lu! I could never leave you! muah! muah! <----in a striclty "non-lebanese" kind of way. Welcome back.

Lulu said...

Miss Y - I would be crushed if you were to be blocked...please don't let that happen!

Diane - best.advice.ever. I hid stuff, dressed well, put out the cheap wine and they STILL showed up and brought me a present!! Woo hoo! Now, on to the in-laws.

Amber - SOO happy to see you - don't ever leave me for so long again, 'kay?

Insanity Kim said...

Wha?? Wha??

*Staggering to my feet and brushing myself off*

I am here! A little groggy, but here.

I saw you were back, glad I was able to keep you entertained with bodily functions and bird hallucinations. Welcome back!

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