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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Appliances are Fighting Back

The refrigerator refuses to fridge OR re-fridge and the freezer refuses to freeze. (Why does the REfridgerator have to re-. Why isn't it just the frigerator? Isn't the food cool to begin with, giving it a chance to spoil and poison me, and that's why you have to put it into the fridge? Why does the right side have to keep REdoing what it does, while the left side just does it once and maintains?)

Either way, the friggin' box isn't cooling or freezing. For a while there, it was a bit schizo, with the freezer thawing and the fridge freezing. But now, it's just decided to crap out altogether.

And do you think that we can find the stupid receipt for the extended warranty? Of course not. The ONE TIME that we do purchase the extended warranty, we cannot find it.

I have grocery receipts for 2001. I have tax records going back 10 years, 3 years over the recommended saving limit, I have 20-year-old counted cross-stitch patterns, I have my husband's old high school yearbooks AND his shotglass from his college fraternity (I Felta Thigh, I think it was called). I have my third-grade report card, my daughter's third-grade Mother's Day macaroni necklace, 12 separate sets of mortgage refinancing documents, notes from high school BFFs, copies of checks going back to 1994, my size 2 pants from the 30 seconds that I fit into them back in 2002.

I have receipts for 5 separate toasters, none of which I still have. I might even still have the top from my wedding cake, 24 years later. In fact, with the amount of stuff I have saved, I almost qualify for my own TLC show on hoarding.

But no warranty receipt for the now-non-refrigerator.

Mr. Lulu is downstairs, alternately swearing at the phone where he's been on hold and ignore for the last 15 minutes with a major U.S. appliance company whose big shiny box is currently NOT bringing any good things to life in our kitchen except for the giant ants behind it (yup, we're having a late summer insect infestion as the topper to our day) and trying to vacuum behind the nonrefrigerator.

Me? I ran upstairs to blog about it, of course.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'll bet I've got you beat at hoarding but I was able to part with my leather pants. Yay me! They still fit too but I now I don't know what I'll wear to the wedding we were invited to NEXT MAY.

Anyway, I want you to have the Your Blog ROCKS My Face Off award because of the comment you left me. You don't have to post about it, just display it if you like it! You and your blog ROCK!


diane said...

I gave my pants to one of my neighbor's teenager daughters. That was a big step for me.
The company you bought your refrigerator from should have a copy of your warranty. Maybe they have an e-mail address, which would cut down on your wait time.
I have big black ants burrowing their way into my door jam on the porch. Cute Hubby won't let me spray them, so I'm going to do it tomorrow while he's at work.
You should grab that award from Tracey, and the ones on my page, and post them on your side bar.
We went to see Public Enemies tonight, it was great. I'm going to do a little research on John Dillinger.
Wow, is this the most random and long comment ever? I'm done now. xo

Insanity Kim said...

HAHHAHA oh man, not funny but, funny. So glad you blogged about it!

My dishwasher is apathetic, AC is moody, and my sink spigot doesn't believe in pressure. Oh yeah, and I always have one fruit fly hanging around no matter how much I bleach every surface in my kitchen and clean the drain. Thanks Sam's Club! Had I not bought your pithy nectarines this wouldn't have happened! I should stop now...

AmyK said...

It doesn't matter what we keep. It is the thing we throw away that we will need later. Every time! I have bank documents on 3 houses we no longer own. I dug out of the trash my oldest daughter's high school and college photo albums she threw away. The thing I threw away...only about 10 years ago--was my entire "Beatles" collection of dolls, bubble gum cards,magazines, etc. My uncle was stationed in Britain during the early Beatles days and sent me all of that stuff. And I threw it away.

Lulu said...

GEM and Diane - I WANT the awards - I just can't get them grabbed and posted!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

I have a Mac...any suggestions, anyone?

Could we all have one giant saver bin, where we collectively heave stuff until we need it or it is of value???

DAKOTA said...

I love your blog! And your design style is above all, unique.

The Flying Pinto said...

Hi! I'm finally getting caught up with my blogs!

I know this situation stinks but you definitely made me laugh!!!

When the going gets tough...go blog;-)