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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Budgeting Time and Money

Dear Fives and Tens,
That's all I've done this week - budgeted time, money, resources.  Isn't that all we really do anyway?  When was the last time that you truly did nothing......and twittering doesn't count.  Nor does blogging. :)

It's budget time at the Huge, and I swear that I'm ready to take the CPA exam because all I've done this week is crunch numbers on spreadsheets, and that's not really my job description.  And it's all about getting out the Ouija board and guessing who and what and which I'm going to need for next year, and then defending keeping the Who's who live in Huge McNormous Lulu Department Whoville.  It really is very Seussian.  Mostly the Grinch part.

And then I need to find time to clean and get ready for the not-begone relatives, to arrive sometime during the afternoon tomorrow, while I'm getting grilled by the Huge CFO - because nothing says fun like defending keeping your employees and the one pen that you have everyone pass around to save money- on a Friday afternoon.  Before the relatives arrive.  Who will probably - when asked what their plans are for the weekend - answer very cheerfully, "We don't care - just show us the local attractions!"

So of course, Mr. Lulu and I have already had the requisite pre-not-begone relative argument over - toilet bowl cleaner.  I guess that was the 'budgeting for resources' part of the post.

Please don't ask.  Just feel free to make up funny stories and post them in the comments to cheer me up, while I'm trying to find time to watch just one episode of something reality tv.ish.

But first - off to fire up the humidifier.

Weather is here - wish you were beautiful!


Miss Yvonne said...

Mr. Lulu was probably all "I'm pretty sure you can use toilet bowl cleaner on the kitchen counters" and you were all "Ummm, no" and he was all "Why not?" and you were all "Because it goes in the toilet" and he was all "But I read that our kitchen counters have more bacteria than our toilets" and you were all "One more word and I'm stabbing you with this toilet brush" and he was all "Well you come up with a better idea then" and then your head exploded.

The End.

Sorry, I'm really really tired.

diane said...

I say make them watch "Daddy Daycare" and serve them spam hors d'oeuvres. Oh yeah, and put the toilet brush in the guest basket in their room, they'll get the idea.

Insanity Kim said...

Budgeting gives me stomach cramps so I can't do it.

So I am gonna stop thinking about (tummy rumbling) and tell u to hop on over to my blog, I am sharing love with peeps on my blog roll!

Hey that Miss Yvonne on the other side of the table is funny...I wonder if she wants her brownie...

Joanna Jenkins said...

The last time we had out of town guests at our house, my 6 year old godson announced, at dinner, that "girls don't fart". After a very long silence by some very stuffy relatives, everyone finally burst out laughing. Maybe you can bring the topic up at your dinner table :-) Happy tour guiding!

Lulu said...

Miss Y - you get an extra surprise in your giveaway for that story, for two reasons. His name is now Mr. Lulu, and because I wish that was how it went.

Diane - Daddy Daycare is an inspired choice! Unfortunately, the toilet brush thing didn't work.

Kim - heading over to your place right now, and seriously, I might think twice if I were you, about taking MY's brownie...

Joanna, welcome and thanks - I wish I'd seen this earlier, I might have had Mr. Lulu just fart in front of them. Because men can fart on demand, right?