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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dancing with the Starfish

So dinner for my work peeps was really great, actually.  We laughed and had some good food and a fair amount of adult bevvies - although not too many, everyone was safe to drive - and it was good!  

I am really lucky to be surrounded by a fabulous team of people who work hard AND smart, and they make a difference in the lives of everyone at work while consistently making me look good.  I tell them so all the time, and try to give them credit wherever I can, especially outside of my department.

So no drama or puking or stolen silverware - just fun and teasing and food and drink.

Plus - we had a dance contest during our staff meeting.  Ok - during a break in our staff meeting, in the event that anyone from the Huge is reading this post. 

Y'all, you haven't lived until you've seen my dance team rock a gangsta hiphop version of the Chicken Dance - or The Angry Chicken, as it came to be known.  Deckster sweet!  All the judges were laughing so hard they simultaneously blew cafeteria coffee out their noses.

Perfect score, three tens - take that, Len Goodman!

Work karma, yo - pay it forward.


diane said...

I'm glad your dinner turned out so well, it sounded really fun. The chicken dance is right up there with the big butt dance, one of my personal favorites. How soon do we get to see the photos? Don't think you're getting off the hook.

Miss Yvonne said...

I wish my work was this fun. It used to be before all the layoffs. We used to have karaoke contests...I highly recommend that for your next party.

Amber Dawn said...

Aw man I was all ready to read something like: WAY too many adult bevies consumed followed by spin the bottle and naked truth or dare. But alas, I am happy for you that things went well!

Vic said...

We've never had any dancing at my work...I want to see the photos too!

Lulu said...

I hesitate to say this....but there's even video.