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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nothing says Easter like Deviled Eggs and Sugar and TicTacs

Easter randomness....and my birthday, the Masters, and the in-laws going home.  And books and magazines fresh from the bookstore. 

Yup - all those things happening today.  The in-laws left this morning at 0 dark:30.  I can talk out loud on the blog now.  Turned out to be a pretty decent week and apparently a success, as at least one of the 'laws has skin like mahogany now, so the tanning was good.  And everyone has cheap t-shirts.  So that's got to count for something.

And it is my birthday today and the neighbors stuck birthday balloons on the mailbox.  Sweet.  Even though they probably felt like popping them after the 'law's car alarm went off at midnight.

My mom called at 7:30 am as I was trying to sleep in from the 'law departure, to tell me the story of my birth, as usual.  That she had relatives from Canada visiting, and was in labor most of the day, and had to iron my sisters' play jackets before leaving for the hospital.  And that she had an emergency appendectomy  4 weeks after I was born, and when she came home from the hospital my dad was all proud because I was sleeping through the night - but he had unfortunately left an unwashed bean casserole pot sitting out for those two weeks and the house was stinky.

Then my sister called to remind me that the next-door neighbor actually watched me quite a bit while my mom was in the hospital, and that she and my other sister went over and stole me back because they thought she'd kidnapped me.

My other sister left a message - I know I'll talk to her later - we're both hooked on TAR.

MyfriendTeri called yesterday AND today.  She sets the notices on her blackberry for 24 hours, and for a few years she kept calling me on the wrong day to wish me happy returns, so she's decided that my birthday is actually April 11th because that's easier for her.  And she made deviled eggs (a huge deal, she doesn't cook) and has eaten a lot of chocolate and deviled eggs and TicTacs (apparently, she raided her mom's purse during church...) (at least she WENT to church with her mom) so she is all hopped up on a weird food combination.

My brother called to tell me that sadly, his father-in-law passed away today....here's to you, Mr. A.  He was a really nice guy.

Mom called twice more to tell me that he died, and that he's gone straight to heaven, because he was such a good guy, and always went to church.

She's a travel agent....specializing in guilt trips.  

Other famous birthdays today - Claire Danes, David Letterman, Vince Gill, David Cassidy and Andy Garcia (yum).   Along with 627 fellow Etsians - Happy B-Day!

Oh yeah - one other gift.  From Mother Nature - because why let even one holiday / event go by without crazy hormones and cramps?  

New stuff in the Etsy store tonight and then I PROMISE - the giveaway starts this week!!!


diane said...

I think the balloons were really because the neighbors were relieved your in-laws weren't emptying the port-o-potty from a camper, like in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Your sisters had a right to be worried. I was actually kidnapped by a neighbor as a small child, and found weeks later down south at our neighbor's mother's house. I had no memory of it at all, until I had kids of my own. Then it started coming back to me little by little. After much pestering, I finally got my mom to tell me what happened.

Happy Birthday, you are obviously well loved and very special; and I mean that in a non-window licker kind of a way.

I used to think David Cassidy was hot, until cute hubby told me that his brother, Shawn, was dorky and they used to stuff him into the trash can at school (they went to the same private school).

Miss Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!!!

I'm sending you a virtual cake right this very minute. Just baked it. It's pretty much the most awesome cake you've ever had, so you're welcome.

w said...

happy birthday. bet you haven't heard that one before. idk.

i like deviled eggs. but. they make me poot. so. i suppose i shouldn't eat them around you. especially on your birthday. but maybe during like groundhog day, it'd be ok.

FoN said...

Happy birthday!

Deviled eggs are good.

What is TAR?

K, that's all I got.

miriam said...

happy birthday, hope it turned out to be good one despite being on the phone all day!

Lulu said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone! So nice to know that you all respond to shameless birthday wish mongering! :)

Diane, the neighbors are actually relieved that my nephew and his very loud truck have moved home.

Missy Y - mmmmmmmmmmmm....Tasty!

W, remember that according to some (coughMissYandCaptainCarlcough) poots are foreplay.

FoN, TAR stands for The Amazing Race, just the best reality show ever.

Miriam, I have to admit that I was getting cauliflower ear after a while - not saying, just saying....

Vic said...

Happy Birthday! Totally late, and unoriginal. But sincere.

I love the 'skin like mahogany' and the 'unwashed bean casserole dish'!

Also, I am worried about you being addicted to TAR, since I don't know what that is, and maybe we should find a rehab place? Just because I care.