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Monday, April 20, 2009

Relatives Begone!

So our last boarder relative left Saturday - but he'll be back in two weeks....long story.    He's a nice manboy and seems to be responsible and won't actually be living with us.  But I did find out how to get relatives to leave.

Use a humidifier.  Yes, you'll see...

Friday night, he went out with his new roommates to get to know them and meet some new peeps.  They went downtown, hung out, and he was the DD because he was sucking up to them and allegedly he wasn't drinking because he had to find his way back to our house. Riiiiiight.  So they close a few bars and then he drives them all home, turns around and tries to find his way back to our house.

At approximately 3:30 ish.  AM.  Remember those days?

Yeah, me neither.  Except for the last time I was in Vegas, where there are no clocks, ergo, no time.  And all my brains had to stay there because there's that vegas vortex.

So the manboy is lost and drives around for an hour trying to find our house.  And no, I didn't give him the wrong directions.  Finally found his way home, uses the garage door opener to get in....and of course, the door was locked.  He tried knocking.  And calling our cellphones, which were not in our bedroom, where we were sleeping.  With the humidifier on.  (see?  You knew I'd get there!)

And knocking. And calling.

Didn't ring the doorbell, though, because it was so carefully hidden right next to the door, with a bright light on it.  Tough to see and all.  With those beer goggles on.

After we discovered him on the doorstep, he did crash out for a few hours until he got up, febreezed his shirt, and left to sign his new lease, and then drive 14 hours to get home.

Finally got the stinky manboy, bar smoky beer funk, AXE cologne smell out of his room late Sunday.

By using....wait for it......the humidifier.


Miss Yvonne said...

Oh man...I'm so glad our renters are not party kids. At least not yet, anyway. They suck, but they would suck even more if they did that stuff.

I'm off to buy a humidifier....

Vic said...

I think I need to get one too. Not only does it help with the funk, it might keep us from turning into living mummies here. (It's a little dry at the moment...)

Amber Dawn said...

I'm sure he took a look at the doorbell and thought to hisself, "oh wow what a nice little night light for me to so to sleep by...zzzzzzzzzz"
wonder if a humidifier would get rid of wet dog smell? If so, I'm strapping one to the new dog's back.

diane said...

You are a total genius (bowing head humbly).
I was just wondering if you got the phone bill yet, because there's sure to be one. Just another perk of the irresponsible guest.

Our doorbell stopped working ages ago, so it provides lots of entertainment when we're hiding from the JW's behind the furniture.