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Monday, April 6, 2009

Vacation Karma UPDATE

....and yes - today on VH3 (Vacation Hostage Day 3) - we have, for your enjoyment - a tornado AND gastrointestinal distress while we were trying to punch the tourist ticket with a visit to the alligator adventure farm! The hits just keep coming...

The cool thing is that my nephew is teaching me to play Call of Duty - Worlds at War Nazi Zombies, so I'm keeping up on my hand-eye coordination while we mow down the bloody bad guys. And my niece bought a bunch of salt water taffy for me.

So that's pretty deck.

And I think I'm going to announce the Etsy store giveaway tomorrow - OTT!

UPDATE: And because I have time to blog around the internet looking for deckter hippy blogsters to read, here's a new member of the cool table FoN at Kids and Daquiris.


diane said...

So, by gastrointestinal distress, are we talking about a few little rumbles, some farting, or full blown suirting the pants at the sight of an oncoming tornado?

FoN said...

Hey, I'm cool?! That's cool.

I've always wanted to try salt water taffy.

I love the name of your blog, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!

w said...

where are you?

are you here?

come visit. bring bacon.

Lulu said...

Ummm....mostly bad farting. which is bad because it follows the farter around, and you have to be polite and act like you haven't smelled anything, except if you're family. Then name-calling and finger pointing can ensue.

I'm here! With bacon. and no farting.

Miss Yvonne said...

Call of Duty is so fun!

diane said...

Yea! Family farting name calling, one of my old favorite pastimes! My Uncle Jake used to lean to the side at the dinner table and just let 'em rip. Too bad I can't remember all of the names we had for him, but I'm sure we had some. (Sunday is only 5 days away, haha!) I can't stop laughing, that you have that long to go, hahaha!