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Monday, April 13, 2009

Lulu's Home for Wayward Relatives

...as one set of relatives leaves, another steps in to fill the void - because apparently, there is a vortex in my home, sucking in the 'laws.

This week, it's the son of the nephew of the cousin-in-law's barber's manicurist.  Or something like that.

He's staying with us while he's looking for a job in this area.  So I had to clean the bathroom again.  And put clean sheets and towels in the room.  again.

Big, heavy, martyred SIGGGGHHHHHHHHH.  My life is so hard. 

I'll have to reread some of Yo Mama's blog to get tips on how to make these renters pay.


diane said...

Tip #1: Make an arrangement for some kind of compensation with the relative while he is staying in your home. If he doesn't have any money, then make him do chores.
Tip #2: Give him a schedule of when you expect him to vacate the premises.
Tip #3: Stick to tips 1 & 2, and your relative should be gone soon.
Good luck honey. xo

FoN said...

If I didn't have visitors I don't think I would ever clean my house, so it's probably good they show up now and again. You know, to at least keep the health inspector off my case.

Traceytreasure said...

Diane visited me today thinking I had cake. Then she said that you had cake. I just came looking for cake.
I ditto what she said about how to make the visitors pay....
Good luck and hugs!!

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I thought it was pretty good for a first visit!

Miss Yvonne said...

Just don't let him have a pet fish. That will take care of a lot of potential problems right there.

P.S. I'm glad my virtual cake comment on your birthday post made such an impact!

Lulu said...

Cake for EVERYONE.........