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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come Again, Part Two

At the beachside nail salon:
MFT: More men should get pedicures - it would make their shoes fit better!
Lulu: Mormons should get more pedicures?

At the swanky beachside seafood restaurant:
MFT: Oooo, that last swallow...(of wine) I can really taste the honey.
Lulu: That's why I don't like onions.
MFT: ***??
Lulu: You can really taste the oniony sauce? Didn't you just gargle that wine to get the onion taste out of your mouth? Isn't that what you said?
MFT: Yes, that wine DID have a fine oniony finish.


diane said...

We need to make sure there are no sharp things around the two of you, as it appears it won't be long before this hearing thing breaks out into a rumble.

w said...

dearest lulu. i don't like people touching my feet. um. that's all.

dearest lulu. i like bacon in my wine. it dilutes the alcohol taste.

i'm glad you're having fun with yft.