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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lulu's Good Reads and Good Blogs and Good Stuff and More

Reading for me, is like breathing.  I have to read.  MUST read.  Cannot-go-a-day-without-the-printed-word - type of obsession. 

I will read anything.  The back of the cereal box, the newspaper from two days ago, an airline magazine, the directions for mixing cement.  According to family legend, I started reading at age 4 and haven't stopped.  When I was young, I would go to the library weekly and check out the maximum allowed of 7 books, and then would ride my Stingray bicycle with the deckster banana seat to the bookmobile and take out seven more, balanced in the little vinyl wicker basket on the front.  My car pulls into bookstores of its own accord. If I don't have a stack of books to be read, I'm cranky and nervous.  As I'm running in heels to catch a plane I will run through the airport bookstore. I'm usually reading at least two and sometimes three at a time- well.  You get the picture.

It's interesting that I'm also hooked on reality TV.  Not saying, just saying.

So.  There is a website called Goodreads and all you hipster readers should definitely check it out.  In the not so distant past, I was obsessed with this site, and logged on at every opportunity to pick up tips on what other people were reading, to list all of my books, to talk about what I had read, what I was going to read, my reviews of these books and so on and so on and then...and then.....I stopped.  Not sure why, although it may have had something to do with realizing that many of the goodreaders were more interested in using the site for social networking than for book clubbing.  There's nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't for me.  I want to talk booksbooksBOOKS.  Phew.  Too much Starbucks at Barnes and Noble.

Dear Goodreads - we needed a break.  It's not you, it's me.  You are deckster readable.  I'm not really breaking up with you, I'm just finding my reading self somewhere else (actually, the irony is that I'm now reading all your deckster blogs out there, my fives and tens, and kind of ummmm.....well...I guess...social networking.  Blush.)

And the Pleasantville Housewives monthly book club doesn't actually discuss the books.  The invites proudly state that "most of the time, we haven't read a word of the book, but c'mon over y'all to get away from the kids and have some wine!"  

THE POINT OF THIS POST - and I do have one, as it's so much more interesting for the reader when I do - is that I'm still reading a lot of books AND reading new blogs every day AND I'm also obsessed with magazines.   

So - the pictures are of my latest stacks (already read{glasses on top} and to be read{no glasses} and please ignore the dust).  

Check out these NEW BLOGS, as I think these women have interesting things to say -  The Fifty Factor and The Flying Pinto - new deckster blogs with a different point of view.  
And finally, please look over on the right there, in my sideroll of interesting things, where you'll see more More MORE - More Magazine items to review and discuss.  This time it's a discussion regarding lying about your age - good stuff in both the print magazine and the dot.com 

Whew.  I'm exhausted.  Off to lounge on the couch on a rainy day, sniffing my new books and watching the Red Wings.  That's another obsession, for another day.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Well, aren't you just the absolute greatest! Thanks a million for recommending my blog. You're a terrific writer and it's a huge compliment. THANK YOU!
As for reading-- we're on the same page! (No pun intended.) But I recently got a Kindle and now I'm in download book heaven. It takes seconds and a new one appear. It's one of the few gadgets I truly love. Do you have any reading suggestions?

Lulu said...

You're too sweet.....

I commend you for using the Kindle, as it would be so much easier for travel, but I seem to have a visceral need for the feel of books..

If you click on the pictures, they'll enlarge so that you can see what I've read this month so far - but here are some favorites - anything by Haven Kimmel or Elizabeth Berg, ditto for Marian Keyes. "The Eight" by Katherine Neville kept me turning pages, and I have another by her waiting for me. Jen Lancaster is always funny, and she has a blog as well. "The Little Book" by Selden Edwards was very interesting. I love time travel tales, so "The Time Traveler's Wife" is a favorite......

Truly, so many books, so little time. I guess I should start a post thread for everyone to make a suggestion!

w said...

do not read the ingredients in bacon.

do go and read my blog. and enter my giveaway.

because you highly admire me. and you want to yell at me because you ended up reading the ingredients in bacon against my wishes and now you're mortified.

Lulu said...

I forgot "The Cracker Queen" - just finished it - you really need to read it - I think that we are all Cracker Queens!

The Flying Pinto said...

Thank You...thank you...thank you for mentioning "me." I am so happy that I found your blog! I love it. I came across it because I get "google alerts" and since you mentioned flight attendants in your last post...voila! You came up! Your a great read and your blog is aesthetically pleasing too! Thanks for the book recommendations, I have so little time right now but I am working to Seattle tomorrow, maybe I will sneak a read: )Jodi Picoult is a great one too!Thanks again!

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh I love books....so much. Nothing better than having a table full of books next to me while I drink wine and read in complete silence.

Miss Yvonne said...

Come over to my blog...you're in it today. :-)

Margarita said...

I'm very much like you, I read everything. Cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, even instructions! I know, I'm crazy... have you heard of Shelfari.com??


Lulu said...

W - I don't just admire you....I aspire to be you! But you already have that job, and you're doing it well, I must say!

Pinto- Happy to give you a shoutout - love allll of your blogs - not sure how you have the time?

Miss Y - THANK YOU - again with the yelling - for the shoutout. I'd be happy to forward some books....btw - you can exchange Poppy if she's scaring you...

Margarita - welcome to the luluhood! I haven't been to shelfari but will check it out, along with your blog..