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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm so tired of the 'Should do / Must do' List

Mr. Lulu is on a boy's trip this weekend, so I have three free days to get Lulu-stuff done - OTT!

Here are the things that I should  this weekend:
  • ...Have gotten up earlier (why??)
  • Sweep /Clean / Dust / Vacuum the house (didn't I just do that about two weeks ago????)
  • Wash the windows so I can see through them (can't I pay someone to get up on that 84-ft ladder and fight the 90 degree heat to do that???)
  • Clean out three year's worth of magazines (what if I find out that I desperately need that healthy recipe from ummm you know where - that one magazine? - you know the one.)
  • Clean out the refrigerator (Ok, I did do that - stinky is stinky)
  • Purchase new cubbies / base for office/studio on sale (with money saved, make extra mortgage payment)
  • Clean out office /studio, reorganize all craft / art supplies
  • Put on sunscreen and stay out of the sun (Duh)
  • Skip the alcohol and cut out the salt (Again, why?)

This is what's happening instead - 
  • Got up at 8:30 am
  • Swept the room with a stern look, willing the dust away
  • Opened the windows to get a clear view
  • Restacked the magazines very neatly
  • Put cubbies and base together - solo, with tools and everything - with money saved, bought some cute tops for MyfriendTeri and Lulu trip (like $37.59 will get me that much closer to owning the house, Ms. Sooozie Orman??)
  • Cleaned the fridge
  • Putting on sunscreen and a hat, taking some chips and salsa and a vodka tonic to sit in the sun and read new magazines off the top of the clean stack.
  • Creating new mess in studio, to add to disorganization
It's all good in the Luluhood.


diane said...

Sounds good to me. Wish I was sitting in the sun with you, drink in hand. I just got done mowing my lawn with that non-power-twirly-blade-thingy.

Lulu said...

Yes, but for you and I, getting mani-pedies (pedis? Pediahye?) with drinks would actually be more appropriate, I think.

Miss Yvonne said...

You know what I hate? That you have to keep cleaning the house. I mean, you clean it once and it's all pretty and awesome and then two stupid hours later, it's like a tornado hit it.

Clearly I need a margarita.

w said...

wacka wacka wacka dieu dieu dieu mewar mewar mear. that's what pac man sounds like.

you can tell by this comment that i should sleep and that i must sleep.